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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 04 September, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 04 September, 2012, 3:26am


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Rising rents force exodus

Soaring housing prices and the higher cost of living forced more than 600,000 migrant workers to leave Beijing last year, according to official statistics, The Economic Observer reports. About 8.25 million of the capital's 20.18 million people last year were temporary residents. Real estate agencies said the average apartment rent rose by 13 per cent last year, to 3,280 yuan (HK$4,010) a month.

Salaries second highest

Blue-collar workers in the capital earn an average of 3,387 yuan (HK$4,140) a month - the second-highest in the mainland, following 3,479 yuan in Shanghai, the Beijing Morning Post reports, citing data from an online survey of internet users in 41 cities. Rounding out the top five in average salaries for blue-collar workers were Shenzhen with 3,070 yuan; Hangzhou , Zhejiang , with 2,980 yuan; and Suzhou , Jiangsu , with 2,936 yuan.


Crackdown on crime

Police in the province have arrested or detained more than 42,822 people in connection with various crimes during a two-month crackdown that started in July, the Nanfang Daily reports. The public safety campaign is intended to help pave the way for the 18th Party Congress this autumn, when new national leaders will be named. In Shenzhen, more than 7,000 police officers patrol the streets daily.

Substandard water quality

At least seven of Guangzhou's 30 water-supply companies were found supplying substandard drinking water with high levels of ammonia-nitrogen, and hundreds of millions of yuan will be spent to upgrade facilities across the city this year, the Nanfang Daily reports. Some of the waterworks still use outdated treatment methods that don't remove all pollutants and chemicals. Most areas with substandard water are in the outskirts, including Huadu and Panyu districts.


Truck in explosion scare

A truck containing seven tonnes of explosives was hit on its side by another truck in the Changjiang autonomous county on Sunday and caused a big scare for local residents, reports. At least 15 firefighters and three fire engines were sent to the scene, but no explosion occurred and no one was injured.

Sacked for third child

Two teachers from the Baisha Li autonomous county were fired in late August after each had a third child in violation of the country's population controls, which allow some people in rural areas to have two children, while most couples in the country can have only one child, the Sanqin Daily reports.


1 dead in land collapse

At least one person died when about 500 square metres of land, including an old road, collapsed alongside an elevated section of State Road 107 in Zhengzhou on Sunday because of heavy rain and flooding at the weekend, Xinhua reports.

Fake dictionaries seized

Provincial police seized more than 15,000 counterfeit Chinese dictionaries from a village in Gongyi city, National Radio reports. The fake books were made by local farmers hoping to sell them to students at the beginning of each semester.


15 killed in mine explosion

At least 15 workers were killed in a natural gas explosion at a coal mine in Pingxiang city on Sunday afternoon, including one who was found dead yesterday afternoon, China News Service reports. A total of 38 miners were underground during the explosion, and 11 were injured, including six critically. Authorities have suspended operations at the state-owned coal mine pending a safety review.

Beggar's 'gift' returned

A couple in Nanchang got back 5,200 yuan that was withdrawn from their bank account by a street beggar after their son, who has a mental disability, gave him their bank card and password, reports. The incident occurred in Fuyang , Anhui , after the son, in his 20s, left home without telling his parents. He called his parents from Fuyang last week after he gave away all of his money.


Iron ore mine blast kills 4

A least four miners were killed on Sunday in Laizhou city when they tried to use explosives to explore an iron-ore mine, Xinhua reports. Two others were injured in the blast.

Young people snub fishing

Fishermen in the province say they are struggling to recruit enough crewmen, even with monthly salaries as high as 6,000 yuan, because many young people consider fishing to be too laborious. Many of the province's 50,000 fishing boats are shorthanded.


Rise in kindergarten kids

Nearly 170,000 children will start kindergarten in the city this month, or 12,000 more than the same time last year, the Jiefang Daily reports. The city has opened 52 new public kindergartens and 45 new private ones have also opened to help handle the increase in enrolment. Forty new kindergartens are still under construction. About 500,000 young children are enrolled in the city's kindergartens, and the number of students has increased by 54 per cent from 2005 to 2011.

Influx of Taiwan tourists

More than 119,000 Taiwanese arrived in Shanghai by plane during the summer's two-month peak travel period, which ended on Friday, China National Radio reports. Nearly 64 per cent of the visitors were young people in their 20s, and many wanted to visit the mainland on their school holiday.


Heavy rains kill at least 12

Heavy rain and flooding since Thursday have killed at least 12 people and affected 1.58 million people in 12 Sichuan cities, the Chengdu Evening News reports. At least 15 people were still missing, 16,000 homes were destroyed and 174,000 people had to be evacuated. About 29,000 hectares of farmland were also damaged.

Crash dead were related

The five people who died in an accident on Saturday, when a van and a car collided head-on on an expressway near Neijiang city, were found to be relatives of a 19-year-old woman they were taking to register for college, the West China City Daily reports. The girl suffered a broken leg, but her father, grandmother, uncle, aunt and nephew all died. Her mother suffered a head injury and was in critical condition.


Many injured in bus crash

At least 20 people were injured when a coach bus swerved to avoid a truck and drove off the side of an expressway and down a six-metre embankment in Huzhou on Sunday evening, Xinhua reports. More than 30 people were aboard.

Four karaoke clubs sued

The China Audio-Video Copyright Association has sued four karaoke operators in Haining city for copyright infringement because they were profiting by using copyrighted music, the Legal Daily reports. The association is seeking 765,000 yuan from the four.