China Digest

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 06 September, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 06 September, 2012, 3:49am


Home defends Benz

The Civil Affairs Bureau in Hefei yesterday defended a decision by a foster home in the city to spend 390,000 yuan (HK$477,000) in public money to buy a Mercedes-Benz after the purchase triggered a public outcry, reports. Authorities said the luxury car would be used by visitors and children, not officials.

End of migrant permits

The province plans to stop issuing temporary residency permits to migrant workers next year. The removal of the compulsory registration is expected to help provide migrants with social welfare benefits that are equal to those received by permanent residents, Xinhua reports.


Billions to expand roads

Beijing authorities will spend about 4.2 billion yuan to expand 58 roads in downtown areas that are plagued by heavy traffic jams during morning and afternoon commutes, the Beijing Evening News reports.

Pollution stations on track

Environmental authorities say the construction of 35 stations to monitor PM2.5 pollution levels in the city will be finished by early October, and data on the airborne pollutants will be published online, The Beijing News reports.


Suspended for road death

A mid-level official with the bureau of landscaping in Yunyang county, Chongqing , has been suspended from duty after he hit and killed a farmer while driving his government-provided car, China National Radio reports.

Duo sold banned drug

A man and woman were arrested by Chongqing police for selling a weight-loss drug containing a banned substance called Sibutramine, the Legal Daily reports. The duo sold the drug online.


Food-poisoning strikes 90

More than 90 primary school students in a town in Boluo county were admitted to hospital with food-poisoning symptoms after eating lunch at school on Tuesday, the Nanfang Daily reports.

Landslide buries workers

Three construction workers were rescued after being buried in a landslide at a construction site in downtown Yunfu on Tuesday afternoon, China News Service reports. Two were in critical condition.


Protest over 'unclean' food

A KFC restaurant in Wuhan stopped serving food to an angry man from Beijing when they saw him throwing it into buckets outside the restaurant with signs saying the food was not hygienic, Xinhua reports. The man vowed to spend 140,000 yuan on meals as a protest against staff preparing food without wearing gloves.

1 missing in site collapse

At least one person was missing and eight were injured, two critically, when a 700-square-metre underground construction site collapsed in Wuhan yesterday morning, Xinhua reports.


2 die in bus-truck collision

At least two people were killed and 27 were injured when a double-decker bus crashed into a truck as it was leaving a petrol station in Yiyang yesterday morning, China National Radio reports.

No bus jobs for drug users

People with a criminal history of drug use will be banned from driving school buses and taxis in Changsha from this month, the Sanxiang City Express reports. A new police database will automatically alert authorities if drug users apply for special licences to drive school buses or taxis.


High-speed link nears end

Construction is nearly finished on a high-speed rail line linking Nanjing , the capital of Jiangsu , with Hangzhou , the capital of Zhejiang , Jiangsu Radio reports. The trip will take about an hour, with 11 stations along the way.

Police smash fake CD ring

Police in Nanjing recently busted two criminal operations found to be making pirated CDs and DVDs and seized more than 600,000 discs, China National Radio reports. The discs were stored in Nanjing but produced in Yantai city, Shandong .


Land sales down 22pc

The Shanghai government earned 152.5 billion yuan by selling land last year - a 22 per cent drop from 2010 - and land sales plunged further this year, declining in value by 60 per cent during the first eight months, the Oriental Morning Post reports.

52 injured in bus crash

A total of 52 passengers were injured when two buses crashed into each other in Jinshan district on Tuesday morning, the Oriental Morning Post reports.


Factory owner jailed

The owner of a shoe factory in Wenling was sentenced to five years in jail on Tuesday after being found responsible for the deaths of seven workers in a fire a year ago, China News Service reports. The fire was triggered by a short circuit at the factory, and the blaze spread to a dormitory, where the workers died.

Guard held over stabbing

A security guard was arrested in Hangzhou on Tuesday after allegedly stabbing a colleague to death in a car park outside their office building in Shanghai's Jiading district on Monday, the Oriental Morning Post reports.