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Who rules China

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 12 September, 2012, 3:22pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 12 September, 2013, 3:19pm


SCMP Graphic by Adolfo Arranz

With more than 80 million members and 3.3 million branches, China's Communist Party is one of the world's most extensive political organizations. Here is a breakdown of how power is concentrated, in just a handful of key bodies and a few dozen people. 


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Can you upload a PDF version to download?
The writing on the jpeg is too small to read.
The interactive web does not function on my Macbook…
As promised, an interactive graphic that is web friendly, along with our print version's static graphic. Please enjoy!
It's too small to read. It would be nice if you have the capability to let the reader enlarge text and the diagram.
We are working on a Web-optimized, interactive version of this infographic. Thanks!
Very difficult to read....