China Digest, September 19, 2012

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 19 September, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 September, 2012, 2:16pm


From factories to services

Some 60 manufacturing plants in the Shilong Economic Development Zone, in Mentougou district, will move to neighbouring Shanxi and Hebei , and local officials announced that no new factories would be introduced to the zone, reports. Authorities said they would try to attract more companies from the service industry.

Minivan in jealous attack

A migrant worker from Hebei province appeared in court in Shunyi district on Monday, charged in connection with damaging a minivan belonging to his colleague, whom the first man believed was having an affair with his wife, the Beijing Morning Post reports. Prosecutors said the angry husband cut the minivan's brakes and damaged three tyres in April. In court, both the man's wife and his colleague denied that the affair had taken place.


Inmate gives bone marrow

An inmate serving a five-year sentence in Chongqing was flown to Linyi , Shandong , recently so he could donate bone marrow to his 20-year-old son, who has leukaemia, the Chongqing Evening News reports. Three police officers accompanied the prisoner on the trip. He was arrested two years ago for involvement in an illegal pyramid scheme.

Ocean comes to Chongqing

Construction on an ocean-themed park, with a combined investment of about 1.8 billion yuan from the Banan district government and a Singaporean company, will begin this year and should open by the beginning of 2014, the Chongqing Economic Times reports. It will be the largest ocean-themed park in the western region of China and will feature a five-star hotel.


Father kidnaps son

A man in Longchuan county has been detained for kidnapping his three-year-old son, with help from an accomplice, the Guangzhou Daily reports. The boy's parents are divorced, and the mother reported to police late last month that he had been taken away by two men on a motorcycle while he played in the street. Several days later, the boy's grandfather, on his father's side, brought the boy to police.

Hospital corruption

The former president of a major public hospital in Longgang district, Shenzhen, stood trial in Yantian district yesterday on corruption charges, China News Service reports. Kong Deqi was accused of taking 3.2 million yuan in bribes in exchange for offering construction and medicine-procurement bids, as well as for staff positions at the hospital. He was caught in June in a campaign targeting corruption in hospitals. A verdict in the trial was not immediately announced.


15 years for drug running

A 22-year-old unemployed man in Wuhan was recently sentenced to 15 years in jail for trafficking 72 grams of hard drugs, the Chutian Metropolis Daily reports. Early this year, he made a posting online looking for work, and he was contacted by someone offering him a "dangerous" job. After thinking about it for two months, the man decided to take the job, which involved transporting drugs. He was paid only 500 yuan.

Hard way to save money

A 21-year-old university student in Wuhan, from an impoverished family, opted to receive only local anaesthesia for the recent amputation of his left leg, in order to save 2,000 yuan, the Chutian Metropolis Daily reports. Doctors said general anaesthesia, which results in a medically induced coma, is usually preferred for such major surgeries, to make the operations less traumatising to patients. The student's leg was removed because cancer cells were found. A nurse talked with him throughout the surgery to keep him calm.


Underwear thief

Police caught a man near the Nanjing Railway Station on Monday after he allegedly stole a bag of lingerie from a woman who had fallen asleep at a nearby restaurant, the Yangtse Evening Post reports. Police said he told them he couldn't control himself when he saw the underwear.

Molester in disguise

A married man in Nanjing has been detained for sexually molesting two men, the Modern Express reports. Police said he posed as a woman online to lure men into relationships, and this month he asked a man to meet him at a hotel. He told the victim that a doctor would arrive first to conduct a physical check-up. Pretending to be the doctor, the married man showed up at the hotel room and allegedly drugged the victim with sleeping pills. The victim later told police he was molested while unconscious. Police said the married man used the same tactic on another victim in January.


Baking soda not for boys

A major hospital in Yangpu district has denied a mother-in-law's request to inject her daughter-in-law with sodium bicarbonate - or baking soda - with the aim of ensuring that she becomes pregnant with a boy, reports the website of a local radio station. There is an old folk saying that women who have more acidic bodies tend to become pregnant with girls, while those with more alkaline bodies usually have boys.

Record sale for duplex

A duplex apartment in the Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone of Pudong district has sold for 116 million yuan, making it the most expensive apartment in the city's history, reports. The average price of property where the apartment is located is about 187,000 yuan per square metre. But despite the record sale, property analysts say general market sentiment remains weak.


New office in Lhasa

An Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Tibet opened in Lhasa on Monday, and there are now such offices in all mainland provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, reports. The new office will, in part, help native Chinese people living overseas return to the mainland.

Aid to cancer victims

The Lhasa Women's Federation recently held a ceremony in which 19 impoverished women, who are suffering from either breast or cervical cancer, were each given 10,000 yuan, the Lhasa Evening News reports. The donations were given as part of a national campaign launched three years ago to cure rural women of these two cancers, by providing financial aid and free check-ups.


Boy injured in jump

A 14-year-old boy in Jinhua suffered multiple broken bones on Friday when he jumped from the second floor of his middle school after his teacher said in front of his father that he had been engaged in intimate relationships with female students, and was "acting like a playboy", reports. The boy remained in hospital for surgery this week.

Gas leak tragedy

One worker was killed and six others were injured in a gas leak at a metal-production plant in Hangzhou yesterday, the local Modern Gold News reports. An initial investigation found that the gas may have been highly toxic arsine, one of the simplest compounds of arsenic. Four of the six injured remained in serious condition.