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China Digest, September 28, 2012

PUBLISHED : Friday, 28 September, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 28 September, 2012, 2:19am


Salmon raised in caves

Half of all salmon sold in Chongqing food markets for use in making sushi come from mountains near the city, not the ocean, the Chongqing Evening News reports. Fish experts said many of the salmon were raised in freshwater lakes in mountain caves, and the fish are said to be cleaner and tastier than saltwater ones.

Body of son kept in fridge

A man in Kai county has kept the body of his son in a refrigerator at home for more than six years, the Chongqing Morning Post reports. The 60-year-old carpenter said he could not overcome the grief of losing his son, who died at the age of 18 from leukaemia, and keeping the body nearby gave him some comfort. The government said it was illegal to keep human remains and they would try to convince the man to surrender the body for cremation.


Hit-and-run driver caught

A truck driver fled the scene after hitting and killing two pedestrians in Danzhou on Sunday evening, and thought he was in the clear until police caught him about 100 kilometres away at a rest stop in Chengmai county, the Hainan Daily reports. The suspect, from Guangdong, told police he panicked. He also did not stop at a police checkpoint that had been set up several kilometres away because of the hit-and-run. A passenger in the truck claimed to have tried to convince the driver to turn himself in.

Salt farm claims heritage

An ancient seaside salt farm in the Yangpu economic development zone has applied to be listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, the Hainan Daily reports. Local residents believe that the farm began operating during the Han dynasty (206BC-AD220), and its primitive production methods and facilities are still in use today. They also claim that the salt produced at the site can cure various diseases.


66-year-old nabs swindler

A 66-year-old man chased down a man half his age after being handed a counterfeit 100-yuan (HK$122.30) note in an open-air Harbin market on Wednesday, the Harbin Daily reports. The shopkeeper had heard that several other sellers had been duped with counterfeit banknotes in recent days, and when he was handed the fake money, the senior made it his mission to catch the swindler and hold him till police arrived.

Pumpkin takes out burglar

A Harbin resident recently caught a thief breaking into his third-floor apartment, and when the 20-year-old suspect tried to escape down an external water pipe, the resident threw a pumpkin at the man's head, causing him to fall to the ground, where he remained unconscious until police arrived, the Harbin Daily reports. The suspect was from Hubei .


Billionth solar kWh

Solar power stations have generated more than one billion kilowatt hours of electricity in Qinghai , the largest solar-power-generating region in China, Xinhua reports. The milestone was surpassed this month. The province has been forced to invest heavily in solar power because of the difficulty in bringing electricity to distant settlements, such as in the Qaidam Basin region.

Snow leopard cubs thrive

Twin snow leopard cubs, a male and a female, born two months ago at a zoo in Xining are healthy, Xinhua reports. Zoologists said it was extremely rare and difficult for the endangered species of the Tibetan Plateau to give birth in captivity, and officials held off announcing the births in case the cubs did not survive. They will be on display during next week's National Day holiday.


Good leg operated on

A construction worker took a hospital in Liaocheng to court this month after doctors last year performed surgery on one of his healthy legs instead of his broken arm, reports. A steel plate was grafted to the leg bone. The hospital later apologised to the patient, saying that a mistake was made when a diagnosis form was filled out on a computer.

Waste water seeps in flats

More than 30 families in Liangshan county, Jining , have been living in a building with backed-up drainage for more than five years, resulting in waste water seeping out of cracks in walls causing stains and putrid smells, reports. Both the real estate developer and county authorities denied responsibility.


Officer carried on bonnet

A driver carried a traffic police officer more than 50 metres on the bonnet of her SUV after she was stopped for driving in the wrong lane in Datong on Wednesday, the Shanxi Evening News reports. The woman was chased down by a passing driver who saw the incident and managed to block the woman's SUV with a car. The police officer was taken to hospital for injuries sustained from falling off the bonnet. The woman was caught.

Man finds real parents

A man, aged 30, from Changzhi was reunited with his parents after he was kidnapped and sold in Henan province when he was only five, the Shanxi Evening News reports. He knew the couple who had raised him were not his real parents, so he submitted his DNA last year to a national missing-children database run by the Ministry of Public Security, and found a match.


New dam blown up

A big Chinese power company blew up a fairly new dam on a tributary of the Lancang River on Wednesday, saying the demolition was to protect fish species that had become threatened by the dam, the Chuncheng Evening News reports. Chinese Huaneng Group razed the small 12.6-megawatt hydropower station, which was built in 2010 on the 40-kilometre Jidu River. The company also said it had scrapped plans to build three more dams on the river.

Scavengers donate

The quake-hit area of Yiliang county in Kunming has received just two donations from Zhangjiakou , Hebei , since the deadly disaster earlier this month, and one of the donations came from a family of garbage scavengers, two of whom are disabled, Xinhua reports. The family said the 47.2 yuan they donated was all the money they made from a day's work in a refuse dump. Some of the quake victims said they were immensely moved by the selfless gesture by a family with so little.


Brake lever lodged in face

A nearly 8cm-long brake lever from the handle of an electric bicycle became lodged in the face of a pedestrian who was hit by the bike in Changxing county, Huzhou , on Tuesday, but no one, not even the victim, was aware that the lever was in her cheek until she received an X-ray at hospital, the Qianjiang Evening News reports.

Porn links too popular

Criminal charges were filed against a 20-year-old man in Xiaoshan this month because of the popularity of some pornographic links he posted to an online forum three years ago, the Today Morning Express reports. The links to videos and images had received more than 50,000 hits, and police said criminal charges might be brought against anyone who posted a pornographic link that got more than 20,000 hits.