China Digest, October 5, 2012

PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 October, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 05 October, 2012, 3:01am


Care-home bed tracker

The municipal Civil Affairs Bureau is setting up a real-time website that lists the number of available beds at nursing homes, as authorities struggle to cope with the capital's rapidly ageing population, The Beijing News reports. The city has about 82,000 beds for the aged, while demand ranges from 120,000 to 150,000. The website will launch early next year and cover 401 nursing homes.

Holiday brings retail boom

According to official figures, 130 major stores and restaurants in the capital registered more than one billion yuan (HK$1.22 billion) in business on Wednesday - a 12.4 per cent increase from the same day during last year's National Day holiday, The Beijing News reports. Kaorouji, a restaurant in the Houhai scenic area, has sold more than 700kg of mutton each day this week - about twice the amount it sells on regular days.


Hotel survey planned

Authorities in Fujian will begin a comprehensive hotel survey this month to gain a better understanding of the development of the province's tourism industry, the Fuzhou Evening News reports. The survey will include information on room occupancy rates, the expenditure of guests and each hotel's transportation figures for shuttling clients to various locations.

Statue returned to temple

A ceremony was held at the 1,000-year-old Lingyuan Temple in Jinjiang on Wednesday to mark the return of a Buddhist statue that was stolen on July 13, China News Service reports. Two other statues will be returned later, with separate ceremonies for each one. Police said two suspects who were arrested on July 28 had confessed to the thefts.


Sex education 'lacking'

Nearly 14 per cent of migrant workers have no knowledge of contraception, according to a survey conducted at four factories in Dongguan , the Nanfang Daily reports. The survey by the Guangdong Sexology Association also found that more than a third of women interviewed had undergone at least one abortion because of an unwanted pregnancy. It stressed that better education about contraceptives was needed among the migrant community.

Street racers' cars seized

Reports of street racing brought Shenzhen police to a part of Yantian district early on Monday morning, where they arrested a driver and impounded four cars suspected of having been illegally modified, the Shenzhen Special Zone News reports. Police said it was the first action against street racers in the city.


300 children lost at beach

As of Wednesday, authorities who oversee Silver Beach in Beihai had helped families find 300 children who got lost during the National Day holiday week, the Nanguo Morning Post reports. More than 300,000 people had visited the beach from Sunday through Tuesday.

8b-yuan green initiative

Guangxi plans to invest eight billion yuan over the next four years to support power generation from sugar-cane pulp, Xinhua reports. About three billion yuan will be used to upgrade generator facilities, with the remainder spent on building biomass-processing power plants. The province is a major producer of sugar cane.


Road repairs after floods

Authorities in Hebei will spend about 280 million yuan over the next 15 months to repair roads damaged or destroyed during devastating flooding in July, the Hebei Daily reports, citing provincial transportation authorities. Nearly 400 kilometres of national highways, 780 kilometres of rural roads and 103 bridges will be repaired. The flooding killed at least 32 people, with about 20 still missing.

Heilongjiang aviation link

Hebei Airlines will start offering a new round-trip route on October 25 that connects Shijiazhuang to Tangshan and then to Harbin in Heilongjiang , reports. The flight will be available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It will depart from Shijiazhuang at 8.05am, arrive in Tangshan at 8.55am and leave for Harbin at 9.40am, arriving at 11.35am. The return flight times will be 12.25pm from Harbin and 3pm from Tangshan, putting travellers back in Shijiazhuang at 3.50pm.


For richer, for poorer

Weddings during the National Day holiday week can place a heavy financial burden on guests, as highlighted by an internet user in Zhuzhou who complained in a local forum that he had been invited to 10 weddings in eight days. He said he planned to give the couples a total of 3,800 yuan in red packets as gifts, even though his monthly salary is just 3,000 yuan, the Zhuzhou Evening News reports.

Alert over armed fugitive

Authorities issued a warning on Wednesday asking for people to be on the lookout for an armed man who was wounded in a shoot-out with police in Changde on Tuesday, reports. No other information about the incident was released, but police said the man fled from Hebei province on Saturday, and police had been stationed at hospitals, highways, bus terminals and highway toll stations in 14 cities.


Anger at smoking monkey

Shanghai Zoo yesterday appealed for visitors to behave properly after pictures were posted online showing a monkey being handed a lit cigarette, the Xinmin Evening News reports. The zoo said the visitor who gave the monkey the cigarette did not intend to harm the animal, but the pictures sparked heated debate online, with many people criticising the smoker's actions. Nearly 50,000 people have visited the zoo each day during the National Day holiday week.

Runaway held at airport

A wanted man was arrested after presenting a fake passport at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on Tuesday, reports. The man, in his 50s, is originally from Wenzhou in Zhejiang , province but moved to France and obtained citizenship for that country. He had been wanted in Zhejiang on fraud charges since 2010. Authorities apprehended the suspect as he was trying to re-enter China to visit relatives for the National Day holiday week. He was later handed over to Wenzhou police.


Traditional-medicine push

Yunnan is planning to train 76 young doctors in the province this year, with one-on-one lessons given by senior doctors, as part of ongoing efforts to promote the study and cultivation of traditional medicine, the Yunnan Daily reports. It is the fifth time since 1992 that a group of young doctors in the province will be taught by experienced physicians specialising in traditional medicine, but it is by far the largest group. The previous four groups, who also received one-on-one lessons in traditional medical theories and clinical practices, comprised a total of 165 doctors.

Wild mushrooms kill four

Four people in Xiong town, Zhaotong , died from eating wild mushrooms on Friday, while five others remained in hospital, China News Service reports. They picked the mushrooms from a field, believing them to be safe.