Corruption in China

China Digest, October 12, 2012

PUBLISHED : Friday, 12 October, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 12 October, 2012, 4:39am


Five die in mine

Five people have been confirmed dead and another is missing after a coal-mine accident in Huaibei city, Xinhua reports. Six people were in the privately owned Wunan mine when the accident occurred at 10.30am on Wednesday, but only five bodies have been recovered. Huaibei has temporarily suspended activities all local coal mines.

Traffic chief took bribes

A former Xiao county traffic police chief has been accused of exchanging favours for 1.16 million yuan (HK$1.42 million) in bribes, reports. Authorities said Li Hua, 47, took 790,000 yuan to influence construction bids and approve driving schools and another 370,000 yuan to approve invoices, promotions and patrol cars assignments.


Woman stole for cats

A 50-year-old Beijing woman pleaded guilty in Huairou District Court to embezzling 220,000 yuan from her employer to feed more than 70 stray cats and dogs, The Beijing News reports. Although she had been feeding the strays for years, the company did not notice the missing money until in May, when it settled accounts with its clients. The court did not hand down a verdict.

Hostels outperform hotels

Are Beijing's hostels cleaner than its three-star hotels? An inspection by the capital's hygiene authority found that 11 per cent of the towels sampled from 82 high-end hotels exceeded the recommended bacteria count, compared with 3 per cent for small hostels, the Beijing Morning Post reports.


Teacher was not trained

A physical education teacher told a Guangzhou court that she had received no proper remedial therapy training before she seriously injured a four-year-old autistic girl in July, The Southern Metropolis News reports. The teacher was accused of knocking the girl to the floor before swinging her around and banging her head on the floor. She argued that she deserved leniency because the Zihui Children's Rehabilitation Centre failed to provide proper training.

Officials deny dirty photos

Shenzhen's Urban Planning and Land Resources Commission denied any of its employees appeared in a batch of obscene photographs circulating on the internet, reports. Online commenters identified the man in the photographs as a commission employee and the woman as staff member at the city tax bureau.


No verdict on corruption

A Xuchang court has not yet delivered a verdict after a trial of a former provincial transportation chief accused of taking more than 260 million yuan in bribes over the past decade, the Dahe News reports. Authorities say Dong Yongan , 55, continued to take bribes as he rose from chairman of a state-owned company, to mayor of Anyang city and head of the transportation department.

Highways rolling out

Henan province plans to build at least 10 more highways in the next three years to meet its goal of providing 6,600 kilometres of highway, the Dahe News reports. The directive issued on Wednesday seeks to have 20 highways, allowing residents of all counties to reach a major road within 20 minutes.


Death for killing six

A Zhangjiajie court has sentenced a farmer to death for killing six people and injuring nine others with his truck in May, the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald reports. He killed the first man for refusing pay back 50 yuan he owed him for a card game. He then proceeded to strike 15 others and a house. The defendant has appealed against the sentence.

Politeness gets reward

An 84-year-old Zhuzhou man says he is handing out red packets as a way to show his gratitude to young people who give up their seats for him on public buses, the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald reports. Each packet contains one yuan and a thank you note. The man said he started making the packets after deciding too many elderly took such generosity for granted.


Golden bonus for province

Liaoning received an estimated 28 million visitors, providing about 16 billion yuan in revenue, during the National Day "golden week", reports. Tourism revenue increased by one third over last year in Dalian and Shenyang . More than 90 per cent of the province's hotel rooms were booked, a 24 per cent increase from last year.

Court prepares to try 74

A Yingkou court has begun considering charges against 74 people, including an Anshan People's Congress deputy, for participating in an organised crime operation, the People's Daily reports. Yuan Chengjia , who was also the former chairman of the Anshan Jinhe coal mine, was arrested in 2010. The group faces crimes ranging from bribery to gun possession, involving 52 victims. The trial is expected to last eight days.


Water on way again

The Xian water supplies authority expects to restore drinking water to Yanliang district within a week, after locating a water main leak, reports. About 150,000 people resorted to buying bottled water after pipes started running yellow last Thursday.

Chasing careless tourist

A Xian woman has turned to the media to find a foreign tourist whose digital camera she recovered on the train to Shanghai last month, the Huashang News reports. The tourist, described as an English-speaking man in his 50s, had taken a picture of the woman and her family. On the return trip, she found his camera lodged near a wall. It contained many pictures of tourist spots in Xian.


Not sad, just wired

More than 20 police officers and firefighters wasted an hour trying to rescue a "suicidal" woman from a third-floor window on Sunday in Zigong , only to learn she was just stealing free Wi-fi from her neighbour, the West China Daily reports. Afraid the woman might jump if disturbed, police instead got the keys from her landlord as firemen spread a safety mat on the ground. When they finally reached her, she confessed what she was up to.

Choking compensation

The family of a four-year-old kindergarten pupil who died choking on a jelly sweet on Monday in Yibin city is suing the school for 250,000 yuan, reports. The boy's teacher sent him to hospital after he came to her, with his face discoloured and his finger in his mouth. The school argues that it did not provide the sweet and that it could only afford to offer 60,000 yuan in compensation.


Grumpy conductor held

Wenzhou police have detained a bus conductor who they say took out her grudge against her employer by pouring sand in the fuel tanks of seven buses, the City Express reports. The woman was angry that the bus company had fined her 6,000 yuan for not collecting ticket stubs to verify how many tickets she had sold, police said. The buses were grounded just before the National Day holiday week.

Older people depressed

More than one in 10 elderly Hangzhou residents are suffering from mental health problems, the Qianjiang Evening Post reports, citing information from the city's disease control and prevention centre. Half of the elderly residents who have some form of physical impairment are also suffering from depression. The number of patients served by No7 People's Hospital, which specialises in mental illnesses, has increased to 2,500 from 1,000 two years ago.