China Digest, October 15, 2012

PUBLISHED : Monday, 15 October, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 15 October, 2012, 8:37am


Crematorium to be moved

Cremation facilities at the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery will be relocated to Beijing's outskirts within five years, Xinhua reports, citing an official from the capital's development and reform commission. The cemetery, where many party officials and revolutionary figures are buried, will not be affected. The official said the relocation would improve the environment and enable more efficient use of available land.

Call to police backfires

A man who called police to complain about a dispute with a karaoke bar has been jailed for three months and fined 2,000 yuan (HK$2,472) for dangerous driving, the Beijing Morning Post reports. The man ordered dozens of beers in the bar in August, then disputed the bill. He drove off, but then called police about the dispute and drove back to the bar. Police charged him with drink-driving, but the court found him guilty of a lesser offence.


Bad trip for taxi driver

A man in Fuzhou who hallucinated after taking drugs punched a taxi repeatedly and beat up the driver on Friday because he thought he was Wu Song, a fictional figure who killed a tiger with his bare hands, the news portal reports. The man watched a television drama featuring Wu on Friday and then took Ice at dinner. He was taken to a police station after the attack and has been sent for rehabilitation.

Do-gooder shuns limelight

Nanping police recognised a water-delivery man who saved a woman from committing suicide as a Good Samaritan, the Strait City Daily reports. The man was delivering water when he saw the woman sitting on the edge of a seventh-floor balcony. He climbed to the terrace, grabbed hold of the woman and took her to safety, even though she stabbed him in the arm with a knife. He then left without leaving his name. He was wearing green and acted so quickly that internet users have dubbed him the "green flash swordsman".


Pangolin parcel seized

Shenzhen's Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau confiscated 12kg of pangolin scales on Thursday that had been mailed from Pakistan, the Shenzhen Economy Daily reports. The parcel was confiscated at the airport post office. About 40 pangolins, an endangered species, would have been killed to get 12kg of scales.


Jail term for colluding cop

A court in Zhengzhou jailed a policeman for seven months for sending a mobile phone to another policeman in detention so they could collude on testimony, the Dahe News reports. Zhang Shulin, a police station chief being investigated for taking 400,000 yuan in bribes in May of last year, suddenly changed his account and said he had given the money to a third policeman. The third policeman corroborated that account, but later confessed that he had only done so after receiving a phone call from the detained police chief. A search of the cell found the mobile phone.

Alleged throat-cutter held

A man suspected of slashing a woman's throat as she withdrew money from an automatic teller machine in Ningbo on October 4 was captured in Kaifeng on Friday, Xinhua reports. The woman was robbed of 1,000 yuan. Police identified the suspect two days after the robbery and traced him to Henan. The woman sustained a 10cm wound but it was not life-threatening.


Love conquers all

A 26-year-old Jingzhou man and a 24-year-old Guizhou woman have won overwhelming online support for deciding to get married even though they are poor and having a simple wedding, the Chutian Metropolis Daily reports. The couple, who both work in a motorcycle-accessory workshop, will live in a 4.5 square metre room in another shop. They have dated only six times since meeting in March, and the bride's only gift was a 400 yuan gold pendant. The bride said that she knew the groom was poor, and so did not ask for much.

Record sales at car expo

Nearly 141,000 people visited a car exhibition in Wuhan on Friday and Saturday and 2,069 cars were sold, a record for the annual exhibition. Most cars were priced between 100,000 and 300,000 yuan and turnover is estimated to have totalled 300 million yuan. But some female visitors were upset by the presence of models in revealing dresses, with one even dragging her husband away.


Net users help foil suicide

Nanjing police saved a 16-year-old boy who was planning to commit suicide by burning charcoal, after internet users saw his webcast and called police, the Modern Express reports. The boy, from Jurong , announced his suicide plan online on Wednesday and on Friday afternoon added several postings about the steps he had taken to end his life, including items he had bought and the hotel room he found. Police discovered his identity and broke into the hotel room. The boy's family told police he was depressed because he had failed to gain admission to a top high school.

More men for preschools

Jiangsu will ensure each kindergarten has at least one male teacher by 2020, the Modern Express reports, citing the province's education-department chief, Shen Jian. Shen said male teachers were so scarce in kindergartens and primary schools that some kindergartens did not even have toilets for adult males. The province began selecting male candidates for free kindergarten-teacher training in 2010, and in two years, it expects 1,200 male teachers to graduate and begin working in kindergartens.


Passenger put in cuffs

A man was handcuffed to his seat on a flight from Shenzhen to Xian after spitting on other passengers and flight attendants and punching cabin windows, the Beijing Times reports. The man became extremely emotional 40 minutes after the plane took off and started yelling. He spat on other passengers and hurt himself by smashing his hand into a window, while screaming: "I have an accomplice. I'm armed." He was taken away by police after the plane landed in Xian. Xian airport police said the man was suffering from a mental illness.

Thief poses as policeman

Police in Xian's Yanliang district detained a 24-year-old man who posed as a policeman and fraudulently commandeered 11 scooters, the Huashang Daily reports. Police received reports in July that a policeman had been visiting the market and asking fruit-and-vegetable vendors to deliver produce by scooter. He would then ask to borrow the scooter, and never return it. Police caught the man, still in uniform, in a grocery market two weeks ago.


District chief asks for ride

The head of Ningbo's Haishu district, Wu Shengwu, caused a stir by asking for a ride from Ningbo to Shanghai on his microblog, the City Express reports. The entry, which asked for a ride for two people to Shanghai, with shared fuel costs, was sent in the morning but soon deleted. Some internet users said it was a stunt, with Wu wanting to give the impression that he did not use government cars for private purposes. A professor of public administration said Wu should not talk about his private affairs in the public sphere. Wu's microblog has 240,000 followers.

Father fills 4,000 journals

A loving father in Jinhua has written more than two million words in 4,312 journals for his daughter since she was born in December 2004, Xinhua reports. The father, a teacher of Chinese language, said he had written down accounts of many of his daughter's first achievements, and that keeping a diary helped him communicate with the girl. The daughter has started writing her own dairy. Her father said he planned to keep writing his until she finished high school.