Chongqing sex tape scandal linked to Wang Lijun

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 25 November, 2012, 5:02pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 25 November, 2012, 5:36pm

A scandal involving a sex video that has already sacked a Chongqing district official was said to be linked to jailed former police chief Wang Lijun, Xinhua reported on Sunday.

Chongqing district party chief Lei Zhengfu was sacked on Friday after photos were uploaded online showing him having sex with a young mistress. Citizen journalist Zhu Ruifeng, who first posted shots from the video, said the footage was recorded in early 2007, and Wang, police chief of Chongqing at the time, acknowledged the scandal back then.

Wang was sentenced to 15 years in jail in September, for defection, abuse of power and receiving bribes. Wang’s case exposed China’s worst political scandal in a decade, leading to the downfall of Bo Xilai, former Chongqing party secretary.

Quoting an unidentified informant within the Chongqing police bureau, Zhu said that the young woman in the video, surnamed Zhao, was one of many who were trained by the head of a construction company to be “given” to officials as bribes.

Zhu claimed that “the construction builder ‘gave’ Zhao to Lei” in early 2007. The builder had Zhao secretly recorded the sex tape and used it to blackmail Lei, prompting Lei to report it to a Chongqing “senior official”. This was followed by Wang Lijun’s order to detain Zhao for thirty days and jail the builder for a year.

Zhu said he could back his claims with police records given to him by the anonymous source. He said he has a record of the police’s interrogation of the builder.

Zhu also claimed he had sex tapes of six officials, “four of them are incumbent officials”.

Meanwhile, the party’s discipline inspection authority accused Lei for keeping mistresses and helping his brother win government contracts. But Zhu told dfdaily that “Lei Zhengfu is also involved with other graft activities, I hope Chongqing authority can have a thorough investigation on it.”

Bo, currently in custody and under investigation over corruption allegations, was also accused of keeping mistresses.