Shocking footage shows driver in Shanghai 'running over cabbie after road dispute'

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 06 December, 2012, 12:47pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 06 December, 2012, 12:48pm

A road rage incident in Shanghai this week ended with the death of a cabbie who was apparently run over by the man he was arguing with.

Video of the shocking incident is currently circulating on the internet.

The altercation happened around the intersection of Keji and Yuanmen Road, according to media reports, after the taxi and a van were involved in a collision.

According to witnesses, the cabbie got out of his vehicle to confront the van driver before he was run over.

The footage shows the cabbie being dragged a short distance under the wheels of the van.

Police arrested a 25-year-old man understood to be the van driver. He is still in custody, according to reports.


The case is sure to bring to mind other similar road incidents including that of Yue Yue, the toddler run over in a hit-and-run accident that shocked the world.

The death of the two-year-old girl, nicknamed Yue Yue, triggered a huge public outcry after surveillance camera footage of her being hit by two vehicles in October 2011 in the southern city of Foshan was posted online.

At least 18 people were shown walking past the girl as she lay in the street critically injured, before a female rubbish collector finally picked her up and moved her to the curb.

The video went viral, shocking the Chinese public and triggering an outbreak of national soul-searching about the impact of rapid development and urbanisation on society.

Driver Hu Jun was sentenced in September 2012 to three years and six months in prison for accidentally causing the toddler’s death by hitting her with his car.