Students in Tibet to receive schooling on 'national territory awareness'

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 06 December, 2012, 5:28pm
UPDATED : Monday, 24 December, 2012, 5:36pm

Hong Kong has put national education on the backburner, but in Tibet, it is being reformed and revamped.

Local authorities in Tibet have kicked off a campaign aimed at boosting public “awareness of national territory and education”, holding a celebratory event at a Lhasa primary school, state media reported earlier this week.

Photos of the event published by the Xinhua News Agency showed young students saluting the Chinese national flag during a flag-raising ceremony in the school's courtyard.

“This is Tibet, this is Hong Kong and this is Taiwan,” the China News quoted a group of young students as they studied a map of China and learnt about its “proper usage” during a class.

According to the reports, the campaign hopes to strengthen awareness amongst students, the community and the media regarding affairs of national territory and identity.

The event was held just a day before the country's top court and prosecution body put forth a ruling to charge anyone caught aiding or inciting Tibetan self-immolations with murder.

Many Tibetans have criticised Beijing for repressing religious freedoms, eroding Tibetan culture and heavy-handed policing in the supposedly autonomous region.

More than 30 Tibetans engaged in self-immolations in November, comprising about a third of the total number of cases since 2009.