China Digest, December 11, 2012

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 11 December, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 11 December, 2012, 3:50am


Duped date sues website

A woman is suing a dating website for not verifying the personal data of one of its users, whom she had a child with and loaned a lot of money to, assuming he was older, wealthier - and single, like his dating profile said, Beijing Times reports. The website said it had vetted the man, but he turned out to be 10 years younger than he claimed. And rather than being a major stakeholder in a listed company, he was a discharged soldier who was still married.

Man jailed for liquor swap

Police in Haidian district recently detained a restaurant manager after finding that he swapped a customer's expensive liquor for a knock-off, Beijing Times reports. The customer called police to complain, and a search of the manager's locker at the restaurant uncovered the real bottle of maotai liquor and 13 fake ones.


Euro scam snares woman

A 57-year-old woman in the municipality was duped into buying two Peruvian notes, worth a combined 10,000 nuevo sol (HK$29,300), for 60,000 yuan (HK$73,850), because she was told they were euros, Chongqing Economic Times reports. Police have arrested four men involved in the scam and charged them with fraud.

Ex-landscape official jailed

The ex-director of urban planning and landscaping in Shuangqiao district has been sentenced to 13 years in jail for taking 1.16 million yuan (HK$1.43 million) in bribes, reports. Wu Ming, who served from late 2008 to November 2011, took the bribes in exchange for project bids.


Son kills parents for cash

A 28-year-old man has been sentenced to death in Zhangye for killing his parents in order to collect the 600,000 yuan life insurance payout, Western Economic Daily reports. The man owned a sheep farm, and he often quarrelled with his parents over upkeep. He bludgeoned them to death with a club in March. Police became suspicious when they learned the man bought 14 insurance policies for his parents, with himself as the sole beneficiary.

Pledge to boost output

The Gansu government has pledged to make the province a major production base of beef and lamb by 2016, as well as raise the annual production of grain to 500 million kg, Gansu Daily reports. The four-year plan also includes developing agriculture, training about 100,000 farmers a year.


Aid for factory fire victims

The families of 14 women and girls killed in a fire set by a disgruntled worker at a clothing factory in Shantou last week have each been offered 250,000 yuan in compensation, Beijing News reports. At least six of the victims were under 16 years old; the youngest was 12.

Snakes invade campus

Zoologists and a volunteer third-year university student recaptured more than 40 live snakes at the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Centre area in Panyu district on Saturday, the Guangzhou Daily reports. About 50 to 60 snakes were intentionally released by unknown people. Several of the snakes were killed by cars, and many had bite marks, indicating they were likely all kept together.


12 dead in bus crash

The death toll climbed to 12 yesterday morning from an accident on Sunday in which a bus driver swerved to avoid a scooter and ended up in a pond in Minquan county, Shangqiu, Xinhua reports. Thirty-four people were on the bus, and 11 died, along with the scooter driver. The rest were in stable condition at hospital.

Man spies on girls' toilet

The owner of a restaurant in Jiaozuo was detained for 10 days and fined 500 yuan for installing a hidden camera behind a one-way mirror on the wall of a stall in the women's toilet, Dahe News reports. A woman discovered the camera last week and called police, who found several photos, which the owner said he kept them to himself.


'Child trafficker' arrested

Xiangtan prosecutors have arrested a man for allegedly raping and attempting to sell a former colleague's 10-year-old daughter, and for previously selling three of his own children, Sanxiang City Express reports. The man, who was fired from the factory where he worked, took the girl out early last month and prosecutors say he raped her. He then sent her home on a bus after three days because he could not find a buyer. After he was caught, police said he confessed to selling three of his children, aged six months to 2½ years, for a combined 50,000 yuan.

1 dead, 7 missing at sea

One person was killed and seven others went missing when a boat capsized on early Sunday in Anhua county, Yiyang, China News Service reports. Eleven people and four vans were aboard the transport boat when the accident happened around 3.40am. Three people had been rescued, and police were talking to the boat's two owners.


Free health care scrapped

Government employees in Nanjing will no longer receive free medical care, effective on January 1, China National Radio reports. Civil servants will have to sign up for a basic medical insurance plan and pay a deductible for treatment and medicine.

Baby found at car park

A naked newborn baby was found abandoned in a supermarket car park in sub-zero conditions on Sunday morning, Jinling Evening News reports. The baby's weak cries caught the attention of passers-by, one of whom took him to hospital. The baby was later sent to an orphanage.


Cop hits van, runs away

A police officer has been detained after driving his police car into the back of a minivan on Friday afternoon, injuring all nine people on board, China News Service reports. When the minivan driver got out and approached the police car, he found it empty and saw the officer running away. Some witnesses said the officer smelled of alcohol.

Officials hit student stress

Education authorities in Zibo city recently said that teachers at primary and middle schools were giving students too much homework and too many exams, and that the students were being kept at school for too long, Qilu Evening Post reports.


Home warnings after fires

After three fires over the weekend, city authorities have reminded residents to turn off electrical devices, such as heaters, in the evenings and when no one is around to watch the devices, the Oriental Morning Post reports. No injuries were reported in the three fires, but 20 residents were evacuated from their homes.

'Panda bins' expanded

Shanghai will set up 4,000 additional "panda bins" to help collect old clothes for need people, as well as to reduce waste, Shanghai Daily reports. There are currently about 980 of the bins in 935 residential areas of the city. About 100kg of clothes have been collected monthly.




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