China Digest, December 12, 2012

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 12 December, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 12 December, 2012, 4:00am


Law to uphold right of way

Municipal lawmakers are planning to pass emergency legislation that would allow drivers to be cited if they do not yield to ambulances during emergencies. Drivers may also be prosecuted if the patient dies, Yanzhao Metropolis Daily reports. Last week a man died of injuries suffered in a road accident after it took an ambulance 40 minutes to reach a hosptial three kilometres away.

Nanny agency punished

A city court has ordered a nanny agency to pay a family 5,000 yuan (HK$6,159) because their nanny did not suggest that they take their newborn girl to the hospital when she developed a fever, Beijing Times reports. After the girl had been sick for nine days, the father decided to take her to hospital, where she was diagnosed with pneumonia and some hearing loss. The hospital bills exceeded 30,000 yuan.


Village chief buys buses

A village chief in Harbin used 970,000 yuan of his own money to buy two school buses for children in his village, Heilongjiang Morning Post reports. After village schools were closed, 93 students had to go to schools four kilometres away, but the village could not afford to buy buses. The chief said he was able to pay so much because he used to own a company before becoming chief of Shuguang village.

Bus driver held for rape

Zhaodong police have detained a school bus driver and his friend for allegedly raping a 13-year-old student, Heilongjiang Morning Post reports. Police said the driver lured the girl to an inn on November 30. Her parents called police after finding the girl the next day at the home of one of her classmates.


Doctor gets carried away

A 46-year-old doctor was so excited that his 80-year-old osteoporosis patient had recovered from a broken back, after seven months of treatment, that he gave her a big hug, breaking one of her ribs, Dahe Daily reports. Through court mediation, the hospital has agreed to pay the woman's family 210,000 yuan in compensation.

Wife to pay for deceit

A Zhengzhou court has ordered a man's ex-wife to pay him 10,000 yuan in compensation for mental distress he said he endured after discovering that the girl he had raised for 10 years was not his biological daughter, Henan Legal Daily reports. The man took her for a paternity test in January, which confirmed his suspicions. He divorced his wife a month later and sued her.


School children locked out

More than 800 students in Huanggang were forced to study on the road outside their primary school in the cold on Monday because the front gate had been locked by a construction company that had not been paid for renovations, reports.

Breast removed in error

Doctors mistakenly removed a woman's left breast after she was diagnosed with a benign tumour that was mistakenly referred to on her medical report as cancer, Wuhan Evening Post reports. The woman received a breast exam at a hospital in Wuhan, but there were no available beds for surgery, so she was referred to another hospital, which conducted the surgery without verifying the test results. A court ordered the diagnosing hospital to pay the woman 85 per cent of 150,000 yuan in compensation, and the other hospital had to pay the rest.


Dismay over missing trees

Residents expressed their confusion and dismay online after dozens of ginkgo trees disappeared over a few days along Beijingxi Road in Nanjing, Yangtse Evening Post reports. The municipal government said the 67 trees along the road were moved because of construction of a subway line, but added that they would be moved back after the work was completed. The government also said that a notice about the removal had been posted on the road.

Parents refunded

Education authorities in Jiangdu district, Yangzhou, have ordered a local kindergarten to refund an 80-yuan "quality education fee" that it charged each student. Several parents complained online that the fee was for hugs that the children received when they entered and left the kindergarten, Yangtse Evening Post reports. Education authorities said that all fees that were not approved by pricing authorities would be considered illegal.


Doomsdayers detained

Seven people were detained in Huanglong county, Yanan, on Saturday for distributing leaflets saying that the end of world was near, Xian Evening Post reports. Several bus passengers were given the leaflets, one of whom called police because he had read in newspapers that rumours of an apocalypse weren't supported by any scientific evidence.

Thugs attack hospital

Xianyang police have detained 12 thugs who attacked doctors and vandalised a hospital three times between September and October, Huashang News reports. The hospital management has accused the property developer of trying to force them to leave the building so it could be razed to make way for new development. The hospital signed a 20-year lease for the building in 2005 and invested about 20 million yuan at the site, but the developer has asked them to move and offered to pay 1.4 million yuan in compensation. The provincial governor has ordered a police investigation after three doctors were injured and medical equipment was damaged.


Factory collapse kills three

Three workers were killed when a four-storey clothing factory collapsed on Monday, Xinmin Evening Post reports. The building in Minhang district was undergoing renovations when it suddenly toppled in the afternoon. Eight people escaped and three bodies were pulled from the rubble.

Smokers made to pay

Tobacco regulatory authorities have issued 496,000 yuan in fines to 257 public venues and 87 people in the 2-1/2 years since smoking was banned in public places, Oriental Morning Post reports. A team of volunteers helps enforce the regulation by telling people not to smoke and by reporting violators.


Bus stops get smart

Chengdu has finished installing 600 "smart" bus stops that will be able to provide passengers with updated traffic information, bus locations and weather forecasts, reports. It was unclear when the stops would be operational, but authorities said that only 130 of the stops would be connected to the network around-the-clock, while others will be operational only during the day.

Learner drivers killed

Four people died and another was injured when a driving-school car crashed head-on into a truck on a highway in Pingchang county, Bazhong, West China City Daily reports. The car driver, however, was not a student, but the instructor. He had more than 10 years of driving experience, but no teaching credentials. He was bringing four students to a site where they were to be tested for their driving licence. It was unclear which of the five people in the car survived. Police detained the truck driver.