China Digest, December 20, 2012

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 December, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 December, 2012, 4:12am


Waitress drowns her baby

A 17-year-old waitress was given a suspended sentence of three years in prison for drowning her newborn boy in a Haidian district toilet, the Beijing Morning Post reports. The woman did not want the pregnancy but was afraid to have an abortion. She drowned the baby immediately after delivering it in a restaurant toilet in September of last year. She dumped the body in a rubbish bin and was arrested the next morning.

Fake parking fees probe

The Chaoyang district urban management squad is investigating claims that a parking management company may have forged a parking sign in order to collect fees near a residential area, the Beijing Times reports. A resident from another area became suspicious of the sign after noticing it bore the same registration number as his own block. The resident tipped off the newspaper, which in turn confirmed the company had not registered that space with the district pricing authority.


20 held for forged invoices

Hechuan district police have arrested more than 20 people for printing fake invoices worth more than 30 million yuan (HK$37 million) in potential reimbursements, reports. The ring was exposed when a police officer received a spam message promoting the invoices in October. The message was traced to a residential area, where a raid netted about 16,000 blank invoices and 671 fake stamps.

Laughing burglar caught

A 58-year-old burglar who had hidden under the bed when his victim came home unexpectedly gave himself away by laughing as she watched a television programme, the Chongqing Economic Times reports. The woman came home and turned on the television but discovered the burglar when he chuckled at the programme.


Airline passengers delayed

Thousands of airline passengers were delayed on Tuesday night after Guangzhou Baiyun Airport's instrument landing system malfunctioned, the Guangzhou Daily reports. Ten flights scheduled to land at the airport were diverted to Shenzhen and 25 more were delayed for hours.

Son jailed for killing dad

A 26-year-old Guangzhou man was sentenced to 15 years in jail for stabbing his father to death in June, the Dongguan Times reports. The son stabbed his father 20 times during a quarrel over the volume on the television set. He was given a light sentence because he turned himself in and hundreds of people pleaded for leniency, arguing he and his mother had long suffered abuse from the alcoholic patriarch.


Slasher injures 5 in Wuhan

Five people were injured - four seriously - when a knife-wielding woman slashed her way from one bus to another in Wuhan on Tuesday, reports. The attacker first cut two female passengers with a chopping knife and ordered the driver to let her off. She then injured a mother and her daughter at the bus stop and boarded another bus. She stabbed a pregnant passenger six times before fleeing the scene.

Gauze left in woman

A 62-year-old Wuhan woman has filed a complaint against a local hospital after discovering a piece of gauze had been left in her wound after surgery in September, the Chutian Metropolis News reports. The woman had a lump removed from her shoulder and consulted a second hospital after the lump appeared to grow. She said she complained to the first hospital, but it ignored her.


39 suffer food poisoning

Thirty-nine Changsha University students are believed to have suffered food poisoning after eating rice noodles at the school canteen, the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald reports. Three students were sent to hospital.

Man dies after operation

A Hunan University postgraduate student who blamed his failure to find work on his disfigured face has died after a second plastic surgery intended to improve his appearance, the reports. The student had been burned as a child and was struggling to find a job despite graduating with strong academic marks a year ago.


Baby boy's death probed

Sheyang County health authorities are investigating whether a three-month-old crash victim died because a hospital withheld treatment, the People's Daily reports. Police sent the boy to Sheyang County People's Hospital in Yancheng on Saturday after the crash, which killed his 23-year-old mother.

Employers face charges

Changzhou employers who withhold salaries for more than three months or delay wages totalling more than 50,000 yuan could face criminal charges, the Oriental Morning Post reports. Employers may be exempt from punishment under the new regulation if the delayed wages are paid before prosecutors file charges.


Cattle prod attack

A Qingdao man has been charged with assault after repeatedly shocking a female colleague with a cattle prod on Monday in an attempt to render her unconscious, the Qilu Evening Post reports. The suspect had an ongoing dispute with the woman and wanted to take nude pictures of her as revenge. The woman bit him on the hand as he attacked and called the police.

Organ ring busted

The chief of a private hospital was among 10 people arrested by Linyi police for operating an illegal organ-harvesting ring, the Dazhong Daily reports. The group is accused of recruiting organ donors online, housing them in a rented flat and harvesting their organs at the hospital. The executive later moved all the surgeries to the flat to avoid attention. The group had done more than 20 illegal kidney transplants since last December.


15 hurt in aquarium burst

Fifteen people sustained minor injuries when a large aquarium burst in a busy shopping mall releasing nearly 34 tonnes of water on shoppers, reports. At least one Orient Shopping Centre customer was struck in the leg and cut by falling glass; others suffered bruises. Three sharks inside the seven-metre-long, three-metre-high aquarium died.

She Mountain slots filled

The 5,000 slots to participate in the annual New Year's climb of Shanghai's She Mountain were filled in less than 90 minutes this year, the Oriental Morning Post reports. Demand was so great it temporarily overloaded the online registration system.


Death verdict for boy killer

A 31-year-old Urumqi man was sentenced to death for striking a boy, nine, with his car and leaving him to die, Xinjiang Metropolis News reports. Instead of seeking help, he took the injured boy to the suburbs and asked for his mother's phone number. He then left the boy in a well and sent the mother a text message, saying the boy had been kidnapped and demanding a ransom of 380,000 yuan. The man was detained by police three days later.