Video: Guangzhou 'heroine' disarms suicidal woman with roundhouse kick

Femme fatale or wannabe heroine?

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 January, 2013, 5:05pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 January, 2013, 8:58pm

A young woman clad in short shorts and boots braved more than the winter cold on Saturday when she swiftly disarmed a knife-wielding woman who was threatening to kill herself on a Guangzhou street corner.

Video footage showed a deranged woman with bleeding hands on Baogang Road, brandishing a knife, Southern Satellite Television reported on Tuesday.

“She was ranting on and on about the end of the world and wanting to cut herself with a knife,” a witness named Li told reporters.

The knife-wielding woman then started throwing 100 and 50 yuan notes into the air.

It was then that a young woman, reportedly “in her teens”, picked up the notes and returned them to the knife-wielding woman, who instead, pointed the weapon directly at her.

With one sweeping roundhouse kick, the young woman kicked the knife out of her hands and tried to grab hold of her. The knife-wielding woman managed to flee.

The young woman has since been dubbed the “Sexy legged heroine” on social media.

A news report on Sina News later identified the young woman to be “Porsche Girl” – another Guangzhou heroine-turned-internet-celebrity who, in 2011, carried a woman to safety after she had fainted in a Porsche sports car

Some netizens believe that this latest incident could have been a staged hoax.

According to the Southern Satellite TV report, all the money was returned to the police. The identities of both women have not been confirmed.

The video has been circulating on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo and video-hosting site Youku.