China Digest, January 14, 2013

PUBLISHED : Monday, 14 January, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 14 January, 2013, 4:04am


Health centres target rich

Eight health institutions, with investments from both home and abroad, have confirmed that they will have a presence in a planned international medical services area that will span 160,000 square metres in Tongzhou district, The Beijing Daily reports. They are the first batch of health centres to sign deals with the zone, which will target upper-class residents when it opens in 2016.

End in sight for cul-de-sacs

About 20 dead-end roads in Chaoyang district will be connected with main roads this year and renovations are being planned on 41 others in poor residential areas, reports The district will also establish a traffic-co-ordination and command centre to provide the public with information on road conditions and parking vacancies.


Protest over parking spots

Property owners at a residential community in Changsha rallied outside the office of their property-management company on Saturday to protest against a decision to convert 100 parking spots into a wet market, reports. Residents said it was hard enough finding a parking spot before the move.

Lawyer faces 'cheat' probe

A lawyer in Changsha is being investigated for accepting money from a defendant in a traffic accident case and then representing the two plaintiffs instead, the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald reports. The defendant hit two pedestrians with his car in November, and he paid the lawyer 17,000 yuan (HK$21,200). But he failed to read the contract closely and did not realise he had been cheated until he showed up in court and saw his lawyer with the plaintiffs, leaving him with no legal representation.


Caring heart halts divorce

A woman in Nanjing , who started talking about divorce with her husband six months ago, has had a change of heart after being diagnosed last month with a terminal form of cancer, because her husband has stayed and cared for her during the tough time, reports. The 38-year-old woman officially bequeathed all of her belongings to him last week. She was touched after he called off the divorce and left his young mistress.

Smart orphans win favour

Only one or two orphans are adopted in Nanjing every year, according to the director of the municipal child-welfare centre, Xinhua Daily reports. He said the centre had 618 orphans, but fewer than 2 per cent had no disabilities. He said mainland families preferred to adopt healthy, smart, good-looking children, whereas foreign families tended to be more interested in disabled children.


Carer son seeks help

A young man in Duchang county, Jiujiang , is asking for help as he is too poor to afford an apartment and his mother is dying from lung cancer, the Jiangnan City Daily reports. The pair are living at a Buddhist temple. After his father died in 2011, he sold their home to pay for his mother's medical bills and has been unemployed while caring for her.

Axe murder: student held

A 17-year-old high school student in Wanzai county, Yichun , was recently detained for killing his grandmother and stabbing an 11-year-old girl, reports. Police said he tried to rape the girl in her home, but he was stopped by her brother and used a fruit knife to stab her in the stomach before fleeing. After finding out that he had attacked the girl, the suspect's grandmother scolded and spanked him, prompting him to kill her with an axe.


Office staff tune into piano

A growing number of white-collar workers in Changchun have begun learning the piano, reports. The workers have different reasons for wanting to learn the instrument. Some are trying to realise their childhood dream of playing, some are looking for a new hobby and others intend to perform at their companies' annual dinners. A one-hour, one-on-one piano lesson with a musical tutor costs about 200 yuan in the city.

Road toll slows ambulance

An ambulance carrying four injured people away from the scene of a traffic accident was stopped for half an hour at an expressway toll station near Jiaohe on Saturday because the drivers and paramedics all forgot to bring money with them and could not pay the 15-yuan toll, the New Culture View reports. The ambulance was carrying victims from an accident in which a passenger bus overturned because of snow- and sleet-covered roads and injured 14 people. A worker at the toll station said it was necessary for him to ask his boss whether he could let the ambulance through without paying.


No jail for knife-raid teens

Six teenagers, most of them aged 16 or younger, were recently sentenced by a court in Dalian to suspended jail sentences ranging from 15 months to 2½ years for stabbing another young man several times with knives in an attack carried out in 2010, reports. The six teens will not have to serve any time in prison if they follow the terms of their probation. The court also banned them from internet bars for a year, because the attack stemmed from an online argument, and the six had gathered at one before going to the home of their victim, who suffered serious injuries to his arms and face.

Bid to curb divorce rate

An official marriage and family counselling association was established in Shenyang on Saturday amid a rising number of divorces in the city, reports. The divorce rate is 20 times higher than it was two decades ago. Among all divorcing couples, more than a third were born after 1980, and the divorce rate continues to climb.


Toxic spill plant staff held

An undisclosed number of workers and managers at a chemical plant in Jinshan district have been detained for their roles in dumping a toxic chemical into a river, creating a stench in the area and sparking complaints from residents on Thursday, reports. Styrene, a petroleum by-product used to make plastics, was found dumped by the Jinwei Chemical Company, forcing a nearby water-supply plant to stop operating.

Male teachers recognised

A society for male teachers at Minhang district kindergartens was recently established and is being backed by the government in an effort to improve the teachers' professional abilities and make them feel proud of their jobs, the Shanghai Morning Post reports. Less than 1 per cent of all kindergarten teachers in the district are male.


Winter aid for vagrants

The provincial government said it had allocated 127 million yuan for this year to help vagrants needing medical treatment and to return them to their hometowns, the Sichuan Daily reports. Street inspections are also to be stepped up to ensure none die of starvation, cold or disease in the winter.

Bun fight end to meal offer

A small restaurant in Chengdu had to close its doors on Saturday after people rushed to its special promotion for free steamed buns and fights broke out, reports. The restaurant owner, who had intended the promotion to run for three days, said he had cancelled because of the inability of people to control themselves.