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PUBLISHED : Friday, 18 January, 2013, 10:13am
UPDATED : Friday, 18 January, 2013, 12:54pm

Tourists stone hibernating crocodiles


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In China curiosity, it seems, killed not only the cat, but also the crocodile.

Several hibernating crocodiles in a Shenzhen park were killed by curious tourists who attacked them with stones , the Shenzhen Evening News reported on Thursday.

The tourists were intrigued at the sight of motionless crocodiles and thought they were dead, said a park staffer. Some threw stones and empty bottles at them. Several crocodiles were killed.

“Some tourists are very fond of throwing things at  crocodiles,” said a frustrated staffer, “they’ve thrown bottles, garbages, stones, and sticks.”

The story triggered heated discussions on Sina Weibo, China’s twitter-like service, where angry netizens lashed out at the attackers.

“What is the problem with our education?” asked a netizen. "And why isn't the park stopping this?"

“I don’t want to be a crocodile in China,” said a netizen . 

Update: According to a report by Shenzhen-based Baoan Daily on Friday, the park denied any crocodiles had been killed, claiming it's a false statement made by an overworked staffer.


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As a foreigner in China, whatever we do "wrong" or are accused to be disrespectful or say a wrong word, we have all fingers pointed at us accusing us of the worst crimes. Not that we should be allowed to do those things. Chinese can get away with anything, killing wildlife around the world, being rude and inconsiderate, killing animals without a reason, being totally selfish and rude in traffic. The education system does little to teach kids civility and consideration, the only things that counts is: study hard to make as much money as you can.
I hold a suscpicion that why Chinese authorities don't teach these "Chinese" rules and regulations.What an extremely inhumane and horrible behaviour the moment I read this news. Maybe this can explain that why a large number of "Chinese" can't enjoy the convenience of having the eligibility of going abroad without visas and permits.
Horrible heartless behaviour! Where s your heart? where is your brain? Please, mainland Chinese (sorry to have to classify you this way), I am also Chinese and we look similar in the eyes of the world, please don't pull me down by your thoughtless, crude, vulgar, cruel......behaviour. Please, authorities of China, or those educated people of China, please start educating such people....... Propaganda on 文明 civilised behaviour?

Now you understand why 1,500 years ago, when parts of Northern China was ruled by "barbarians", the barbarians made it a law (targeting Han Chinese...) that attacking animals was a criminal act punishable by death!! The so-called "犯兽罪"...
Chinese should learn to throw stones at their own parents, spouse and child at home first.
Great! More animal cruelty in China!
What a fantastic, kind and forward thinking place!


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