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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 January, 2013, 12:51pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 30 January, 2013, 1:27pm

Outcry at mainland mother who let son defecate at Taiwan airport


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A photo of a mainland toddler defecating in public at an airport in Taiwan has sparked anger and criticism from internet users in Taiwan and China.

The photograph, allegedly taken by a Taiwanese tour guide, was published first on Facebook and then on a Taiwanese news webite earlier this week.

It showed a toddler relieving himself on paper possibly prepared by her mother. A toilet was only a minute's walk away, said the report.

“There aren’t enough public toilets in China and the ones they do have are usually dirty,” commented a Taiwanese blogger, “This might explain mainlanders' poor hygiene habits.”

“This is  a typical mainland parent who spoils their children,'’ said a mainland netizen on China's twitter-like Sina Weibo.

"This is so embarassing, " said another mainland blogger.

A photo of a boy relieving himself on a subway train in Guangzhou last year stunned internet users and caused public outcry across China.


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Time for China to act, pethaps do a Propaganda on proper social manner all over the country, or a lesson on basic etiquette for is people before leaving China as tourists? Poor kid had no idea he was an embarrassment.
yes. china needs more Propaganda. it doesn't need people to actually think for themselves and conclude that sh-tting on the floor is a bad idea.
I am ashamed of such doings committed by some of my patriots, and I wondered if there was anybody around to prevent this from happening before the photo was taken. Also on the crowded Guangzhou subway train, I am sure some people must have noticed that boy's intention before he actually carried it out, but no one stepped out in time to stop it. It seems the outrage of seeing such a scene hasn't overcome the shyness to speak out for many Chinese bystanders. Old habits die hard, it is time to educate ordinary Chinese on good manners and more civil ones the courage to step out against any violations.
" but no one stepped out in time to stop it. It seems the outrage of seeing such a scene hasn't overcome the shyness to speak out for many Chinese bystanders"....It's not that bystanders are shy to speak out, it's just those parents are poorly educated and have no manners to speak of. I was sworn and cursed at by these parents a couple of times in Guangzhou when I tried to point them to the nearest toilet.
Just fine them. HKD5000 for each sh.t.
Comrade Crunch
Easier said than done. You need a to stun these savages with a electric cattle prod.
Who's there to enforce it?
I came home once to face my mother in law doing same thing with my son on our loungeroom floor! She's mainland he's half aussie and I found it absolutely disgusting...
Dai Muff
How many thousand years of continuous civilization was that again?
Taiwanese are wimps. They should come to HK and see it every day.
Who was worse, the kid doing a **** in the airport or the foreigner flashing everybody in Beijing?




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