Gay couple defy family to hold wedding party in Beijing

Angry son confronts his father at a ceremony in Beijing restaurant

PUBLISHED : Friday, 01 February, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 25 February, 2013, 3:11pm

An elderly gay couple went ahead with their wedding ceremony at a Beijing restaurant on Wednesday despite family opposition.

Photos uploaded onto their microblog late on Wednesday night showed the couple, one in a black tuxedo and the other in strapless wedding gown, being blessed by about 25 guests.

One said he was a retired teacher and his partner was a migrant working in Beijing. He did not disclose details such as their names, ages, previous marital status or how they met.

He updated the couple's microblog with a countdown to the banquet and had planned to broadcast the ceremony via a mainland-based video-sharing site, on Wednesday afternoon, but the service was disrupted by his son, who scared off guests by knocking over tables at the restaurant.

"How come we had the blessings from other people but not from my own son?" he asked.

Before their wedding, they had posted a series of intimate photos online, including one showing them semi-clothed and holding each other in bed.

Their microblog, which was opened on January 18, has attracted more than 17,600 followers.

Many people have expressed solidarity with the couple for their show of true love, but others disapproved of the publicity they tried to cultivate.

"Have they thought of the possible harm to their wives and families from their previous heterosexual relationships?" one internet user asked.

In a video clip uploaded onto the video site on January 24 they kissed three times and blamed the criticism on jealousy.

"There are millions of ways for people to love each other and we happened to be two old folks falling in love - and that's it," the retired teacher said.

Hu Zhijun, a mainland gay rights activist, said that he received a microblog message from the couple telling him they had lost a lot of face and were pained by the son's actions.