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Jackie Chan

Netizens mock Jackie Chan’s appointment to CPPCC

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 02 February, 2013, 10:54am
UPDATED : Thursday, 28 February, 2013, 4:05pm

Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan’s recent appointment to Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Beijing’s top advisory body, has generated a frenzy of discussions on China's social media.

The news was retweeted more than 2,000 times and garnered thousands of comments on China's twitter-like service Sina Weibo, where most netizens expressed scorn and negative feelings towards Chan’s appointment :

刺头马甲: Now we’ve got everyone – porn star, bootlicker, triad brother, officer’s mistress, extorter – to speak for us and to raise their hands for us. Great.

卧涛听风雨: If he says something like “Taiwan must not be independent,” or “Hong Kong can’t be too democratic,” maybe he will end up being the vice president.

Gohn: No wonder he got so agitated about the issue of corruption on Phoenix TV earlier. His illogical and incoherent speech was such a joke. Now I understand – he was trying hard to impress.

Chenwgl: My children never cared about politics, but they have become so enthusiastic about CPPCC lately because of all these Hong Kong movie stars – Jackie Chan, Stephen Chow, etc.

东篱石: What’s there to congratulate? All they do in CPPCC is to clap hands.

人生就像染布光彩与灰都满布: He'd better transfer all his work to the mainland… Hong Kong won’t have a place for him anymore.

风华1992: Yet another movie star turns into a CPPCC member.  Since when did this negative social trend become so popular?

时光曙光: It will be more than just celebrity gossip if he makes another mistake.

More online discussions

1 tribe of diversity (Twitter):   Jackie Chan, when you’re politician in China don’t forget to free Tibet.

The Fundamentals (scmp.com):  What is he going to do there? Teach English?


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So they pay off celebrities to endorse them, or threaten their careers if they voice anything else.
They pay people to post praise for them and distorted lies online including this website.
Most students who join the Communist party only do it to help their career.
Even this paper has become the most pro Beijing one in Hong Kong in the hope it can get published in the mainland. It seems that the only people on the side of the Communists are people who directly benefit from it. They have no ideological roots anymore, no heart and soul believers.
They use celebrities to influence us. They are paid well to be Pro-Beijing. We must not let ourselves be influenced by the likes of these celebrities, Hong Kong shall remain the way it is<perhaps some improvements would be nice>. They hope that the "foolish" fans would follow whatever they say and influence everyone around.
Again, I am Taiwanese originally and I don’t know much about China.
I thought a Hong Kongese, chaz_hen, claimed that China doesn't have freedom?! However, mainland Chinese just express themselves freely on China's Sina Weibo. China social system is not perfect yet the size of China just can not be changed over night.
Under British colonial rule, Hong Kong had far less freedom and democracy. The master colonizer forcefully discouraged political protests against the white ruling upper echelon and would never have allowed Hong Kong to hold local elections.
The British rulers siphoned great financial wealth from Hong Kong under the guises of taxes, administrative fees and other nicely titled levies. The colonial master cunningly bent, deformed and exploited the workings of Hong Kong’s financial, political and cultural institutions to its on benefit.

Like a herd of fattened lambs, the people of Hong Kong meekly accepted all this for many years. Indeed, in American lingo they are the perfect model of “Uncle Tom” n****s, but in this case Hong Kong n****s. In fact this has led the Western world to expect the same level of fatalistic subservience and ambivalence from Chinese mainlanders.
It seems that as a typical frail little Hong Kong poodle you deeply cherish being shamelessly dominated, violated and manipulated by white puppeteers like a bunch of good house n****s . It is indeed the saddest sight of ignorance as bliss.
JenniePCChiang/江佩珍 02/02/13 美國
you are obviously a paid china boot licking shill
everything you say is a blatent lie
hong kong has one of the worlds best infrastucture due to the british
It is very easy to explain it. The HKners got so brainwashed and still hold the impression that under colonial rule they as the obedient little British subject ruled by their British Lords had more freedom than now. They weren't allowed to vote and to elect, they weren't allowed to take part in political discussions, they were not allowed to protest freely and they were not allowed to travel anywhere else, as they weren't given a "real" British Citizien and so passport. Living small HK in small cubicles called apartment with high costs of living. So brainwashed that they say that those times were great. Now, their rights, freedom and polical voice increased but they long back the great old colonial times back were they were "little British Subject" taken care and feed by the British Lords.


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