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China's 'world's safest country' claim greeted with ridicule by netizens

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 February, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 February, 2013, 5:01am

A new claim that China is one of the safest countries in the world, based on the number of homicides, has brought the Ministry of Public Security under criticism and ridicule by Chinese who are calling the findings into question.

The People's Daily yesterday cited new figures from the ministry as indicating that the number of cases related to murders, assault or robbery have been declining in recent years, and that the annual murder rate was eight people per million, while the closure rate of all murder investigations had reached 94.5 per cent.

The report added that the rate was lower than in countries considered to have the best social order, including Japan and Switzerland, though specific figures were not given for comparison.

Tens of thousands of microbloggers from across the country were quick yesterday to rebuke the findings, with many people calling them unbelievable.

"Is this meant to be a euphemism for China having the best rule of law in the world?" said one microblog user posting under the name Xiaofang.

"Why don't you [the ministry] simply say that China is a paradise," another internet user said on a Sina microblog.

Some comments ventured into the sarcastic.

"Oh my gosh! How have I failed to realise that social order [on the mainland] has been so perfect that there's not even room for improvement," another microblogger said.

Others questioned the basis of the findings, stipulating that Chinese police officers rarely take a case until a suspect is already identified, and some people accused authorities of often presuming that murder victims have committed suicide.

"I wonder how any murder investigations can be opened when cases such as the one involving Qian Yunhui are considered traffic accidents," wrote a microblogger named Qilulaohu.

Qian, a low-ranking official in Wenzhou , Zhejiang province, was known for repeatedly petitioning authorities in opposition to the illegal requisition of farmland. He died under mysterious circumstances in 2010.



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I am a foreigner living China - and I love living in China. Relative to the USA, for example, China is safe. But the police simply are not interested in solving crime. I have a friend who has for two and a half years received 3,500 death threats each day by automated SMS; repeated physical attacks on his person; numerous break ins at home in the middle of the night - his wife threatened. All this by a former girlfriend. Now the girlfriend is pregnant by another man. Last week she broke into his house with a large knife and a taser and lay in wait to kill my friend and his wife. Fortunately the alarm went off and the police came to arrest the woman. They cannot jail her because she is pregnant. What BS? So, he continues to get 3,500 death threats per day and the woman continues to stalk him. She cannot be jailed until her baby is one year old. And the police made it very clear that they simply cannot protect him or his family. Maybe it is because my friends are foreigners - but I cannot imagine even a Chinese would get protection. 94.5% clear up rate sounds nonsense. Maybe it is just 94.5% of the cases that the police can be bothered to write up - the slam-dunkers! But don't get me wrong - China does feel quite safe, and I love living here.
Sad but telling story of Brit_in_China. I also feel here more safe than in my own country (Belgium) but on the other hand the police needs a lot of improvement. Agreed, better than in countries such as India but still. The police here fails to act in traffic situations (they are never there when you need them and they never really bother to do their job) and as far as crimes are concerned, they only act when they feel like (or are forced to do so). Or the whole "investigation" is politically motivated and the rule of law of course does not exist here.
Holy smoke, it's more like a family matter than a crime offence. Tell your friend to treat women with respect and dignity instead of dumping his girlfriend after fooling her. Yes, of course the policemen are negligent and irresponsible for not arresting your friend for cheating offence.


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