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Dongguan hopes to rid image as China's 'sex capital'

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 February, 2013, 11:22am
UPDATED : Thursday, 28 February, 2013, 5:39am

Full one-minute video of the new Dongguan promo 

An urban legend in China amongst women looking for husbands remind them that a man who truly loves his wife will never step foot in Dongguan.

Other unflattering nicknames which have stuck with central Guangdong’s former boom town - just a stone's throw away from Hong Kong - include “sweatshop city” and “Sparta of the Orient”.

Dongguan authorities are now looking to change all of this. New promotional videos launched by the city’s propaganda arm aim to shed Dongguan’s reputation as a city of sin, the Yangcheng Evening News reported on Wendesday.

The 15-second TV spot launched earlier this month and produced in conjunction with the Discovery Channel, promotes the “non-sexual” side of the city. It features “elements of Dongguan” which include parks, lion dances, Cantonese opera singing, a basketball tournament and several well-known entrepreneurs.

Another spot labelled “Hello, Dongguan” will feature prominent celebrities such as basketball star Yi Jianlian and IT industry mogul Wang Zhidong.

The new images officials hope to invoke will be very different from the now debt-laden factory town’s frequent association with sex tourism, which has long help give it the title of China’s “sex capital”.

Branding experts say a city’s brand image is akin to a “golden billboard”.

As for the cost of the entire production, Dongguan’s Propaganda Department says it will remain a “commercial secret”.


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With a weak manufacturing base... it really just have the Sex industry to lean back on. There is no 3 pillars in DG. As a matter of fact they should just legalize prostitution and charge a tax on it, and enforce new rules which is safer for both the worker & the customer.
I dont even get why prostitution is such a taboo, its one of the oldest industry in the world, many are not forced in to it, with the exception of being poor. The selling of kidnapped women to the sex industry is happening because there is literally no one checking the system making it ever more dangerous. Making it illegal have only further abuse the woman since they have no one to turn to when they are really being abused. Of course then we have the Moral argument, well whether it is legal or not illegal you know there is going to be a sex industry the only difference, if it is kept in the dark abuses happens and everyone will ignore it, if it come out abuses will be less likely to happen as a matter of fact maybe even unloyal hubby's might think again if they dont feel secure enough to cheat out at the open.
seriousily why filter S . E . X. ? The title of the article has it.....
SCMP engine is self defeating. Whoever programed this automated censorship is inept and should be fired. FYI, the editor(s) monitoring this forum is/are old school. It's like Big Brother is watching so you children better behave and no name calling or as such. Democracy is not what you find and this place is borderline communist controlled (as one subscriber once stated) so do expect unnecessary censorship is the norm here. Mysteries abound. Indeed.
....and so does the Pope.


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