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Jackie Chan

Anger after Jackie Chan caught using military car in Beijing

PUBLISHED : Friday, 01 March, 2013, 10:49am
UPDATED : Friday, 01 March, 2013, 6:06pm

Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan was widely condemned by Chinese netizens after he was caught using a military car in Beijing.

In several photos posted on Sina Weibo, China’s twitter-like service, on Friday, a man highly-resembling Chan is seen walking into a parking lot towards a parked black Audi bearing a white military plate. One photo shows Chan standing next to the car while a woman companion holds a door for him.   

The revelation came after increasing public anger in China over the abuse of military cars. Despite Chinese Communist Party Chief Xi Jinping’s call to cut waste and end extravagance, people across the country have reported the private use of luxury cars bearing military plates – although some plates have been dismissed as fake by officials.  

“Has our military hired Jackie Chan to teach soldiers martial arts?”, said Yu Jianrong, an avid online activist and  researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

“This is obviously a movie prop,” commented another blogger sarcastically on Weibo.

“Will Jackie Chan please use his martial arts to reclaim the Diaoyu Islands?” said another.

Many demanded Chan offer an explanation.

“This has almost destroyed my admiration for him,” wrote a fan.

It’s not clear when or where the photo was taken.

Chan's assistant didn't respond to SCMP's request for an interview on Friday.

China’s Ministry of National Defence  announced on Thursday that the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) would replace the current military car plates with new ones in May, reported the Southern Metropolis Daily. The effort was aimed at curbing use of fake military plates, said the report.

Jackie Chan’s most recent controversy occurred when he told Phoenix TV  that America is the “most corrupt” country in the world.  


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hard times !
This Jackie Chan is just a good-for-nothing who is well-known for his lust of beauties--the film stars and singers.His private life is corrputed to the extreme---several wives and bunches of children while have affairs with females from time to time with his influence/power/money/gifts ! How nasty this old guy is ! Now he is photoed to use a private car bearing a military plate while leaving a certain place with his new girl friend in Beijing ! How nasty and lusty this /Big Brother' is ! A shame of all males/men in the greater China and all over the world !
jackie chan, the corrupt puppet buffoon should consider proving how tough he is by beating himself to death
Jackie is just a popular movie star who earns his way up through hard work, good Kung Fu and good acting. The fact that he made some unfriendly speeches about the US, he now become a target for those who don't like his friendly stance towards communist China.These are just all cynicism.
Personally I still see him as a movie star, not a politician, if he acts well in his movie I would see it. As for the photo shown, to me, the man does not look like Jackie, since he rides the car on the right side (assuming front seat), that means he was just a passenger getting a lift, not a driver.
Is this just a hoax?
Never ever thought much of Jackie Chan...........just another idiot who makes stupid movies for a living.
big deal! hollywood stars were provided with classified intelligence not available to public for movie plots (Zero Dark 30), many hollywood movies even received Pentagon and US military assistance.

I still like him as he is good fun! There is nothing wrong using a military vehicle (unless one wants to say the whole Chinese military, the PLA, are illegitimate, which does not stand) unless it can be established that he was using a fake plate or the car was misappriated for private use - if he was a guest an event being sent home by a military friend, that might be fine!
Who cares that Jackie Chan was entering the car of someone with military plates? I don't see how this is news. Writing articles about what "netizens" complain about would be like the American media focusing on Yahoo comments (which represent the worst of American values.) I guess when there is no news, just find something irrelevant and make it news.
Why is Jackie Chan to blame? Surely the person who owns the military car and picked him up is the guilty party, if there is anything wrong. He was obviously not the owner/driver.
Always the hypocrite and lapdog of the CCP. But then again, he never claimed to be along the same level of "The People". Carry on, "Jackie"...


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