Millionaire's wife and son kidnapped and murdered in Dongguan

Businessman played mahjong oblivious to terrible plight of family

PUBLISHED : Friday, 01 March, 2013, 11:09am
UPDATED : Friday, 01 March, 2013, 3:46pm

A Dongguan man kidnapped the wife and five-year-old son of a rich acquaintance, demanded 800,000 yuan in ransom, and then brutally killed them when he did not hear from him, according to a Nanjing Daily report.

The crime occurred just days before the Lunar Chinese New Year.

Su Xinyou, the husband and father of the victims, runs an electrical company in Dongguan and has over a thousand million yuan worth in assets. He  was on a business trip to Foshan the day of the kidnapping.

Ye Shengyuan, an old acquaintance and former employee of Su, owed some 200,000 yuan and was desperate.

After meeting Su’s wife, Li Runzhen, and their five-year-old son in a street in Guangcheng on February 4, he kidnapped them. Holding them in his car, Ye forced Li to send Su a voice message, requesting 800,000 yuan in ransom.

He waited for 20 minutes before calling Su’s number again. After failed attempts, Ye shut down his phone.

Oblivious of the threats made to his families, Su played mahjong with friends after dinner. At the time, he was charging his mobile phone and only returned to check messages at 3am.

Su was horrified to find that his wife and son had been kidnapped. He promptly collected 150,000 yuan in cash, returned the call, but was still unable to reach the kidnapper.

Su then reported the case to police. 

Around the same time, Ye’s car broke down. He was nervous and believed Su might have already reported the crime to police. In desperation, he decided to murder Li and her son. 

The police found Ye playing computer games in an internet café in Nancheng on Feburary 5. Ye admitted to the crime and was arrested.