China announces stricter rules for cadre trainees

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 19 March, 2013, 6:34pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 19 March, 2013, 6:34pm

The Communist Party of China has issued an outright ban against wining, dining and networking while party cadres are doing their official training – signaling its determination to clean up the image of Party schools.

The Party’s Central Organisation Department, responsible for the appointment and promotion of party members, this week announced the new policy. It aims to improve the conduct of party cadres during their training, Xinhua reported on Monday.

This is the latest initiative from President and party leader Xi Jinping to improve CPC members’ discipline and to stop corruption.

Party schools, where officials handpicked for promotion are often sent for training, are well known for being hotbeds of corrupt activities including bribery, buying promotions and extensive networking.

The new measures aim to ensure party cadres focus on study and behave properly when attending party training courses, Xinhua said. This reflects Xi’s strong anti-corruption stance, which he has often emphasised since taking over the party’s top post last year.

The new measures forbid trainees from holding banquets and organising and participating in social events. If there are any violations, they will be ordered to withdraw from their studies. Their teachers and senior officials will also be held accountable.

During their studies, trainees are not allowed to give or receive gifts – including money, securities, and souvenirs. They are also forbidden from using any influence or connections formed during their training to help their future career prospects.

The new initiatives also emphasised a zero tolerance approach towards plagiarism. Trainee cadres must write their own theses, speeches and reports.

Critics have long accused party officials of cultivating allies during their training and then exploiting these relationships later.