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Outrage at photo of Danish tourists urinating on Shanghai highway

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 26 March, 2013, 1:10pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 March, 2013, 12:14am

Chinese internet users expressed their anger after six Danish tourists were witnessed urinating in the middle of a busy overpass in Shanghai.

Their behaviour on Saturday was first revealed online when an eye witness photographed them and published it on Sina Weibo, China’s twitter-like microblogging platform. The photo showed six foreign men lining up in the middle of an overpass road, next to a coach, urinating.

The woman who took the photo, surname Huang, told the news outlet, kankanews.com, the men were grinning as they relieved themselves.

Police officers later reviewed surveillance video and traced it back to the bus according to its licence plate number. The bus driver told police the passengers were Danish tourists who had just completed a tour of Shanghai’s Formular One Circuit.

While he was driving along the overpass, the driver said they forced him to stop. “They even tried to grab the steering wheel… and could have caused a traffic accident,” he said.

The driver said the Danish tourists had been drinking a lot of beer.

Traffic police said they would continue investigating and might take action against the men.

The news sparked considerable discussion online. Many people expressed outrage and said the men should be punished.

A taxi driver asked whether the bus had violated any traffic rules. “I think the vehicles were not supposed to park [in the middle of highway overpass] in normal circumstances,” he said.

One Shanghai resident said the men’s actions could have been “dangerous”.

On weibo, a blogger appealed to police to take a tougher line with badly-behaved visitors.

Another said the visas of the six should be cancelled.

However, another blogger said the incident might have been due to a lack of public toilets.


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Its quite sad to see how many of these comments involve blaming and name-calling that can almost be guaranteed to result in a deterioration in the relationships between Chinese and non-Chinese. This is a dangerous game. The practical reality is that when you are a noticeable minority your actions will be especially noted and their consequences magnified in unpredictable ways. As a non-Chinese person within a Chinese milieu I have to be especially mindful of my actions as the consequences will likely affect a lot more people than just myself. The world is not fair. Things just are as they are. For the love of God, if you're a foreigner in China don't do such irresponsible and damned foolish things!
there is no toilet on the bus,....where do you go ???
there are rude inconsiderate people everywhere. period. why don't you all get off your racist nationalist horses
Det handler ikke kun om at det er danskere eller kinesere som har en ubehagelig opførsel, og som tisser på offentlige steder, det handler om hvordan man opfører sig som gæst i udlandet.
De 6 danskeres opførsel er utilgiveligt og de skal straks sendes hjem til Danmark som straf.
Jeg er selv dansker og gift med en kvinde fra Shanghai og jeg har været i Shanghai mange gange, jeg har aldrig set en kineser der står og tisser på offentlige steder i storbyen Shanghai, og min hustru og jeg er rasende over de 6 danskeres opførsel.

It is disqusting to pee in public, but it is MORE outragerous how the people in China neglect animal rights. The most cruel stories and photos comes from your country, Shame on You all!
offtopic. you got problems, deal with it.
This is an irrelevant and unhelpful comment.
dguldfeldt: I was just about to write the same!!
Do not panic, in China everybody pees everywhere all the time, if you get caught this Chinese joke shows the logic.
A man was arrested for defecating in public. The judge told him to pay 50 kuai but the man had only a 100 kuai bank note. The judge said: "OK, give me the 100 kuai and you can go and do it again".
Yes, sometimes Mainlanders also behave badly, or worse. But as a foreigner I think those Danes really behaved very badly, shame on them. No excuse for them.
The neglect of Animl Rights in China is a Great Sin and there is No excuse for Cruelty
What is the relevance of you harping on about animal rights on an article about public urination?
This is no abnormal sight on Shanghai's highways, but usually the "offenders" are Chinese! Most mainland Chinese are loud, rude and have no idea how to behave in public. To put it in a nutshell: they are beasts in the form of humans.
Talk about being hypocrites... sheesh...
was in mcdonalds last night around 10 pm
very long line
three mainlanders dressed in their pajamas decided lines are not for them, walked up and started ordering
before i was able to jump in front of them, the mcdonalds staff told them to get in line like everyone else-they lost face and just left
are they all blind or just socially r e t a r d e d ?
"Might take action against the men." "Tougher line with badly-behaved visitors." HA!!! Getting a little of their own medicine.

Parking in the middle of a Highway is an offence as this creates a dangerous situation but peeing in public is common in China. There are numerous cases that Chinese peeing or taking a dump in the streets, at a mall or in a trash can. These foul acts are being done in Hong Kong everywhere by Mainlanders. So, what is the Big deal here? No wonder the People in Hong Kong seldom refer themselves as Chinese.
Do Danes do this at home?
Yes, but they don't torture animals like the Chinese does!
More than likely, yes. Do Mainland tourists do this when outside China? Yes. Pot calling the kettle "black." Absolutely.
I have never seen mainland Chinese behaving wrongly in HK. Are the accusations real?
Dai Muff
You probably don't get out much.
Dai Muff
Why the outrage? Were they hijacking the locals' spot? Was this area for more serous "business", like many Hong Kong roads seem to be these days? Something about people living in glass houses comes to mind.
What about all the Chinese that **** on the the side of the road....I guess it's okay since they do it in the bushes!
Perhaps their next move will be spitting together on the street. I mean, why not?
Dai Muff
Trying to fit in with the locals you mean?
As a Dane, I'm truly sorry to see stories about countrymen behaving badly abroad; we all have a shared responsibility to behave as good ambassadors for our respective countries and, well, obviously these guys did not fully live up to that obligation..
On the other hand (and this is no excuse for my countrymen's bad behavior!), some Chinese could also profit from learning a bit about manners when traveling. Most Chinese visitors in Denmark are courteous and friendly people, but quite a few are not. I've witnessed a fair amount of shouting, huffing and puffing, exaggerated coughing, spitting and belching in public from Chinese students and tourists; that doesn't really go down very well, either :).
When in Rome...
That's nothing compared to the mainlanders (children included) who "do their business" on the MTR, in shopping centres, on the nature strip etc.
At least they didn't take a dump
Which is more than I can say for mainland tourists in TST these days
Yes always strike badly behaved visitors but leave locals to do as they please...

The Chinese should watch our own behavior...


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