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Apple designs and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers and also operates retail stores. Its best-known hardware products are the Macintosh line of computers, the iPod, the iPad and the iPhone – Apple is the world’s third largest mobile phone-maker after Samsung and Nokia. 


People’s Daily vows to destroy Apple’s ‘unparalleled arrogance’

War of words continues following CCTV attack on iPhone manufacturer

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 March, 2013, 11:55am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 March, 2013, 2:06pm

Days after China’s state broadcaster CCTV attacked Apple for allegedly providing Chinese users with an inferior service, Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece the People’s Daily officially waded into the row on Wednesday.

In a harshly worded commentary titled “Let’s strike away Apple’s unparalleled arrogance,” , the paper criticised Apple for being “dishonest,” “greedy” - and above all - “arrogant.”

In particular, Apple has returned the considerable contributions China has made to its revenue, the editorial said, with a “swaggering arrogance” that must have originated from the "traditional superiority enjoyed by westerners". 

“[Apple must have thought] why does a developing ancient oriental country deserve the same customer service as their western counterparts?”, the commentary said.

The Daily also blamed the “greediness of capital”, since Apple has “gone crazy” chasing after profit, it claimed.

“If offending Chinese customers reduces cost for Apple at zero risk, why not?,” asked the editorial.

It then went on to urge stricter law enforcement to prevent loopholes in the market.

“If you insist on challenging Chinese customers’ love and patience, and continue to be heedless, then your business will eventually decline no matter how glamorous or successful your brand is,” it said.

The Daily rolled out the commentary days after netizens lashed out at CCTV for picking on Apple and avoiding more serious domestic issues in its annual consumer rights show aired on March 15th.

CCTV’s show backfired after online evidence suggested that the crew had invited a few celebrities in advance to post Weibo messages attacking apple.

In an official statement released by Apple last week in response to CCTV’s accusations, the company denied imposing double standards on Chinese customers and said its practices were "completely legal".

But this appears to have failed to appease the authorities.

Preceding the attack from People's Daily, Miao Wei, head of China’s ministry of Industry and Information Technology,  said during a summit  on Monday that while Chinese phone makers have produced an excessive number of phones, the nations’ young people are lining up all night long to buy the latest iPhone models.

Miao then said there is still room for innovation even in a market as competitive as mobile phones.

Poeple’s Daily’s commentary on Apple sparked heated discussions on China’s social media on Wednesday.

“It is People’s Daily who’s being arrogant,” said one blogger. "They've lost by criticising Apple with Cultural Revolution style languages."

“Talking about arrogance, how about these state-owned Chinese behemoths?,” wrote another, citing China Mobile and Sinopec. 

Many speculated that Apple must have offended Chinese authorities in a serious manner to have drawn such ruthless attack.

“Apple only advertised with local TV stations, but not CCTV, ” said a blogger. “That’s why.”

“Maybe Apple hasn’t been paying their protection fees?,” wrote another blogger in a sarcastic manner.

According to a separate report by the Beijing Times on Wednesday, officials in the capital have arrested vendors illegally selling paper models of iPhone5 to residents preparing for Tombs Sweeping Day. On this traditional holiday, families would tend to graves of the departed and offer flowers, fruit and items made of paper - such as paper money and paper clothes.


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bmr - The 1% usually aren't as simple so many dont have one nationality, but If I had to state one, I would've thought that you can sense from the air of superiority that I'm British.
Still I find it fascinating that the numerous posts about mainlanders stay at home and a post by a person who uses a name of a known racist who has been sentenced to 2.5 years in jail (plus for offenses of insultiing muslims and sexual slander) are unanswered by scmp readers, while when I gave you lot a taste of your same medicine from a Chinese perspective, I become so popular.
This truely shows how simple and bigoted most scmp readers are,and fail to read between the line on their own hipocrisy.
In a country where the government and the mafia is the same organisation this is what passes for public relations. Accordingly, do expect PRC's unprecedented run of bad publicity to continue indefinitely.
I usually do not want to comment on the fact that if I do not know. But in any case, I am glad that the Chinese media knows how to fight back to defend themselves. China has been conducive to many American politicians a punching bag. Chinese media is far too silent in this regard.
Jennie PC Chiang/江佩珍 03/28/13 美國
Your right... you should not comment first hand... guess what ... once again you don't know the fact :D case closed, thnx for this joke.
eh? (scratching head)
Defend themselves against what, exactly? Please enlighten...
Alot of hot air about unequal service and arrogance, but very short (NONE) on specifics as to what the differences actually are (absolutely no factual comparisons)
If you are going to run a story, at least put some facts in it and don't just go with the hysteria!
If you want to see "unparalleled arrogance," just look at the Chinese Communist Party.
Some comments in these posts are racist, or verging on racism.
They have been too ignorant to differentiate between the words of the communist party and Chinese, and are trying to portray Chinese as backward, a developing country that can only copy.
Also note you cant be racist to a company- protectionist, hypocritical or even xenophobic maybe, but not racist to Apple.
To annoy the racists here, you should note that in studies, Chinese as a race, together with hasidic jews, have a higher IQ than average.
In particular, I have reported the post by seppolehto@mac.com. Seppo Lehto is a Finnish far right extremist who was sentenced to jail for inciting racial hatred, id theft, sexual slander and blaspheming against Islam (check wiki). A person using this tag should be banned from thus site (together with those who clicked like on his post).
ehh, yes of course.
And pretending that (i) Chinese is a race and (ii) Chinese have higher IQ than others is not racist perhaps ? Go back to your phrenologist studies and stop bothering acting like someone educated.



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