Guangdong 'grandfather of property' loses party membership

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 March, 2013, 5:24pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 March, 2013, 5:54pm

A former top Guangdong police officer who was sacked for excessive purchases of property using fake identification will be stripped of his party membership and placed under “administrative sanctions”, state media reported on Tuesday.

Chinese media billed the announcement a “double firing” – a term used to describe officials that lose both their government job and party membership due to disciplinary issues.

In February, Zhao Haibin, a Communist Party official at Lufeng city’s public security bureau, was accused of amassing 192 flats in Huizhou and others in Shenzhen and Zhuhai. He was eventually removed from public office for “engaging in business deals using a fake identity card” (hukou).

His initial defence was that he was managing the properties for his brother and that they were no longer listed under his name. He then backtracked and admitted to possessing two hukous, one which was forged. Netizens later nicknamed Zhao the “grandfather of property (hoarding)”.

On Tuesday, the Lufeng municipal government announced that Zhao was in “serious violation of discipline” and unanimously agreed to expel him from the party, and place him under “administrative sanctions”.

Zhao’s case was one of several involving officials who were found owning multiple properties with different identity cards and household registration permits earlier this year.

Meanwhile, in a separate report published in Nanfang Daily on Wednesday, Zhao’s family had apparently laid claim to an "entire mountain top” for their ancestral graves.

A photograph of a large concrete, semi-circular gravesite was published, which the newspaper said was that of Zhao’s father. Local residents said other members of the Zhao family were also buried on the hilltop.