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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 03 April, 2013, 10:14am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 03 April, 2013, 11:11am

Who are Beijing's naked 'sex doll' couple? Bizarre photograph goes viral

Net users speculate over origin of photographs


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Is it art or madness?

A series of photographs which went viral on China’s social media this week show a naked man running across a street late at night.

The man is holding what looks like a sex doll and is closely followed by a woman who also appears to be naked.

The photos, which were apparently taken in Beijing, drew heated discussion and speculation online.

"Is this a real-life Temple Run?" wrote a blogger, referring to a popular game where a player takes on the role of an explorer attempting to steal an idol from a temple and outrun monsters chasing from behind.

"It must be some kind of publicity stunt," said another.

Many others simply said they found the photos entertaining.

The identities of the couple remain unknown. 

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As if Chinese are never drunk!! What a useless comment!
1. In Beijing cold, being naked is a torture, Artist must suffer.
2. The man has a sxx doll, a real doll is chasing them. Negating the obvious in a pursuit of the blatantly un-obvious is an artistic foresight.
3. The message that one can see from this is the evolution of man. The naked Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden has been forever tarnished by the modern, highly industrialised doll - who is a temptation and Adam chose to run away with it.
4. Running unfettered, chased by gun toting, drill booted solders are a small price to pay for art. Only an artist would make such sublime message, misunderstood by the general mass, the politigencia and left to shoulder the burden of the unrealised civilisation!!.
Isn't it a little cold to be running around naked in Beijing this time of year?
That's why you can't see the man's little brother...
A cheap way to get some fame, when you have nothing else remarkable to boast about?
art is the message itself. study more.
Smells like Weiwei
A little surprised they weren't drunk westerners who love doing anything in china to draw attention to their "sense of irreverent fun".
If it is art, what is the message?
Very well done! #3 makes sense.
Naked Adam and Eve, running off from Eden in shame with their plastic sex doll (original sin) through the streets of our cold, post-modern, meaningless, social milieu.




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