Guo Meimei sparks 'fuerdai' feud on social media

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 10 April, 2013, 6:00pm
UPDATED : Monday, 04 August, 2014, 2:23pm

The woman who nearly wrecked the reputation of China’s Red Cross Society in 2011 found herself back in the spotlight this week after she helped spark an online row amongst China’s fuerdai (rich second generation).

Guo Meimei, who sparked international controversy two years ago after she posted pictures of herself in sports cars, flaunted her wealth and claimed to be a manager affiliated with the charity, was accused of engaging in prostitution at a sex party rumoured to have taken place in Hainan two weeks ago.

Rumours and photos began spreading last week about a “romp”, involving several high-profile celebrities some time during the annual Hainan Rendez-Vous 2013 yacht and lifestyle show in Sanya.

The trade show’s organiser, and the celebrities accused of taking part in the romp, rejected claims of being involved. The Sanya government also said it would launch an investigation into “sex and drug parties”.

The rumours erupted again this week after a member of the exclusive China Sport’s Car Club (SCC) accused Guo of trading sex for money at the Sanya party.

Guo immediately hit back on Weibo saying she was “too rich to need to sell sex” and managed to draw even more attention after she posted pictures of herself with 10 casino chips worth five million yuan (HK$6.2 million). She appears to have removed the post.

The SCC member, who allegedly went by the name Chen Junyu, then posted screenshots of his bank account balance which read “3.7 billion yuan”. By Wednesday afternoon “SCC” was the number one trending topic on Sina Weibo

Riled netizens slammed both Guo and Chen for showing off their wealth so publicly.

“I thank Guo Meimei and the SCC for reminding me that I don’t live at the bottom rungs of society, I live 18 levels below that, in hell,” said one user.

“I’m not surprised hearing something like this, but it is really quite disgusting for a bunch of rich, bored fuerdai to show-off their fancy lives like this,” said another.

The SCC, formed in 2009 is widely said to be a club for many fuerdai youths. Admission requires possession of a supercar (“Porsche 911 or above”) and a 10,000 yuan annual membership fee. According to their website, the club has about 1,500 members across the country.