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Study backs Chinese-made milk powder brands

PUBLISHED : Monday, 29 April, 2013, 12:22pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 07 May, 2013, 4:21pm

Chinese-made milk powder is better in quality and half the price of imported products, said the national dairy association.

The results of a study were announced in an effort to promote the domestic industry and allay concerns stemming from the 2008 melamine scandal.

The research, commissioned by the China Dairy Industry Association, found formula made in on the mainland had more nutritional content than foreign brands, the Beijing Times said.

The research also said home-made products cost, on average, half as much as imported ones.

Random tests were conducted on 25 milk powder brands sold in Beijing and the capital cities of nearby provinces.

The results indicated that all 16 of the domestic products were in line with national nutrition standards. But three of the nine imported products failed to meet national standards regarding the lactose-carbohydrate ratio and calcium-phosphorus ratio.

Association chairman Song Kungang said none of the tested brands, homegrown or foreign, was found to have safety issues.

The milk powder industry has become a focal point of public anger over food safety in recent years after a spate of scandals.

A major crisis emerged in 2008 when a leading domestic brand was found to be using the industrial chemical melamine, usually found in plastics and glue.

The scandal sickened 300,000 babies and resulted in six premature deaths.

The milk powder endorsement by the leading dairy industrial association comes as mainland parents resort to buying the product in Hong Kong and overseas. Overseas milk powder suppliers and retailers have noticed the demand and several governments have issued restrictions.


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Now the stampede is going the other way, and (as we speak) HK traders are rushing across the border to buy China-made milk-powder, and soon the Chinese authorities will have to pass even more stringent milk-powder export restrictions than HK's.
The mainland Chinese in general,despite their disgusting character and behavior, are not so stupid as to believe the morons who put up the laughable report about good domestic milk powder.
Wow wee….will these clowns ever learn how to run a PR campaign? Surprise surprise, a state sponsored dairy association found, as reported in a state downed newspaper that Chinese milk powder (which nobody trusts as being untainted due to several scandals and attempted cover ups) is better that all other milk powder…..well I'lll be. I knew that was the case, now this confirms my belief, so I will run out and get some immediately.
China automobile association says domestic cars are half the price and better than all imported ones. I could go on all day...
John Adams
And in late-breaking news .... Singapore has just been voted the No 1 tourist most annual attractive destination for the 15th time in the past 30 years ( ? ) ... by - guess who - the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board ( !!)
Whom do these clowns in the Mainland think they are fooling ?
Mainland consumers can at least vote with their feet, even thought they cannot vote with their ballot papers for their own government which turns out such obvious PR trash
If I had reared a baby in the Mainland I would not trust a Mainland baby milk formula producer any further than I could throw a one ton shipment of Mainland-produced baby milk- powder cans.
I don't like the parallel-trading thing, but I do deeply sympathize with Mainland mothers who are stuck between a rock and a very hard place
one word - TRUST
does scmp not appreciate the humor in their own stories? why is the tone so serious? the "china dairy industry association" says china's melamine laced cow p-ss is better than foriegn milk? come on
despite what we all know to be the likely quality of the China made milk powder in comparison with the imported milk powder quality, there is a more important point that the commenters here have missed, and that is you simply do not realize or respect how much of the Western news is manipulated. Furthermore, the China news does not contain inflammatory or provocative news in a pervasive and mentally unsettling way that Western media does. If China would do a little better job of shining light on bad government and crony practices, then the China media would be pretty awesome. The Western media however, would still be shite.
So marijuana is legal where you live, eh brutha?


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