Shenzhen unveils three-year plan to deepen reform

Development of Qianhai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong co-operation zone part of three-year plan that includes promoting service industries

PUBLISHED : Friday, 10 May, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 10 May, 2013, 4:24am

Shenzhen yesterday unveiled a three-year plan to deepen reform, with development of the Qianhai -Shenzhen-Hong Kong co-operation zone at the top of the agenda, Shenzhen Television reported.

The city's top leadership said reform and innovation would be their focus this year.

We will give more responsibility to officials who dare to think and try
Wang Rong, Party Secretary

The Shenzhen Overall Reform Plan for 2013 to 2015 was released at a city government reform work conference. It follows Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping's endorsement of its experimental zone during a visit in December.

The plan aims to accelerate institutional reform in Qianhai, help promote the service industry and industry upgrades, and enhance co-operation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Besides Qianhai, the plan also calls for the stepping up of legal reforms related to commercial registration, building a system of checks and balances on officials' powers, reform of income distribution, and reform of public administration at district and sub-district levels.

The city government listed 20 tasks in implementing reform of administrative, political, public finance, cultural and economic, and social management systems.

Shenzhen party secretary Wang Rong was quoted as saying that the municipal government would focus on several key areas this year: Qianhai reform; income distribution; controlling the cost of official receptions, vehicles and overseas trips, law enforcement; self-governance of community level governments; civil servants' remuneration review and corporate law reform.

"We will judge the performance of officials not just on whether they work hard and deliver, but more importantly on whether they can demonstrate their ideas and solutions to reform and innovate," Wang told officials. "We will give more responsibility to officials who dare to think and try, and yet know how to carry out reforms."

In January, mainland media and internet users expressed disappointment about the lack of concrete reform proposals at meetings of Shenzhen's Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and People's Congress.

In his work report at the People's Congress meeting, Mayor Xu Qin said future reform in Shenzhen would focus on the economic system, administrative management and residents' incomes. But few details were provided. Some deputies and analysts complained that Xu's report lacked details.

Expectations had been high because the meetings were the first since Xi's high-profile visit to Shenzhen, during which he sent out strong signals that he backed a reform push.

Xi's visit raised hopes the administrative and legal side of the experimental zone would be revived. In Qianhai, Xi told officials: "Please carry out reform boldly. The central government has granted you very special policies. Qianhai will be a place for renewal of the service industries."