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Philippines refuses to apologise as fisherman's body returns to Taiwan

Manila refuses to apologise over fatal shootingof crew member by Philippine coastguard vessel

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 11 May, 2013, 4:38pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 12 May, 2013, 6:13am

A fishing trawler that was fired on by the Philippines' coastguard limped back to Taiwan yesterday, riddled with more than 50 bullet holes and carrying the body of a 65-year-old crew member.

However, Manila refused to apologise to Taipei, saying the incident happened when the coast-guard vessel acted in self-defence to avoid being rammed while tackling "illegal fishing".

Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou said yesterday the island would not rule out possible sanctions against Manila.

"We will seek justice for our fisherman. We will not rule out the possibility of taking any kind of sanctions [against the Philippines]," Ma said while inspecting a coastguard drill in central Taiwan. "The Philippines shot an unarmed fishing boat.

"This was a brutal and cold-blooded act," he added.

Ma reiterated Taipei's demand for Manila to apologise, apprehend the killer and offer compensation.

Some Taiwanese lawmakers urged the government to freeze the hiring of Philippine workers in protest at the shooting.

Manila admitted on Friday that its coastguard had fired on a Taiwanese trawler the previous day, but said the action took place inside its own territorial waters and that it had no idea it had killed 65-year-old Hung Shih-cheng, one of four crew members aboard.

Taiwanese investigators counted 52 bullet holes on the boat, while it was confirmed that Hung had died after being shot in the neck. The trawler came under fire from heavy machine guns, Taipei's official Central News Agency reported.

Abigail Valte, a spokeswoman for Philippine President Benigno Aquino, and coastguard chief Rear Admiral Rodolfo Isorena said in Manila that their patrol boat "was forced to fire the shots because the [Taiwanese] fishing vessel attempted to ram them".

However, this was denied by the victim's son and trawler captain, Hung Yu-chih, who said the Philippine vessel opened fire without warning.

Additional reporting by Associated Press


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The unarmed Taiwanese fisherman (170 miles south of Taiwan) was killed by Philippine government thugs within Taiwan's 200-mile EEZ (ie. exclusive economic zone).
No they were south of islands in Batanes province, far far closer to the Philippines than to Taiwan and within the EEZ of Taiwan according to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. Question is what would the Taiwanese or Chinese coast guard have done if a foreign ship comes to their shores, illegally fishes and then attacks a law enforcement vessel? Double standards.
If you try to ram your ship on another ship you are already endagering the lives of the other people from the other ship regardless if you are civilian or not. If you do that on people with authorities, thats already assault on authorities thus they have the right to disable you, the PCG try to shoot the engine but unfortunately somewhat got hit. If you look at the PCG ship, you can find it here: ****www.istorya.net/forums/politics-and-current-events/610706-philippine-coast-guard-shoot-down-taiwanese-illegal-poachers-3.html
the PCG ship is just slightly bigger than the other ship thus vulnerable to ramming.
And to the question of jurisdiction, its true this incident happen 170nm from taiwan, but that area is also just 45nm east of balintang island, Luzon straight. The area is between two philippine islands which part of batanes province. How can this area be disputed if it happen between two philippine island. Just look at google earth or any credible map and you will see that this place is dotted with islands which is part of batanes province. Even taiwan knows Batanes islands are part of philippines. ****maps.google.com/maps?q=Balintang+Island,+Calayan,+Cagayan+Valley,+Philippines&hl=en&ll=19.957537,122.14694&spn=0.026058,0.038795&sll=27.698638,-83.804601&sspn=12.548987,19.863281&oq=Balintang+island&t=p&hnear=Balintang+Island&z=15
If those fisherman are not doing anything illegal, why did they evade inspection?
Lesson: Dont steal your neigbors resources
Did you fail middle school math? The fishermen were shot in the intersecting area of Taiwan and Pinoyland's exclusive economic zone. There was no stealing involved.
On a different note, why are there suddenly so many Pinoy sympathizers on SCMP? Have they all suddenly subscribed?
Because those murderous pinoy's thugs are trying to steal from them...
Are you really so simple that you really think the ship was going to ram. Of course the Philippine boat went in front of the Taiwan bot to stop their progress. A military boat would be much faster than a fishing boat. They could have got out of the way,
Ma Ying-Jeou is a sissy who is out of the touch of reality lately. For colluding with fascist Japan for the fishing rights surrounding Diaoyu Islands when legally and historically, Diaoyu Islands clearly belongs to all Chinese, Ma has forfeited his rights to lead Taiwan. Now even the sick Philippines doesn't even give a damn to Taiwan
Game over, Ma.
Carioca no Coracao
taiwan should apply economic pressure, unite not divide (no more do in alone deals ala with Japan's). i am sure hong kong, macau would love to join in, helpful ideas like revoking visas to domestic helps (hire Thai, Indonesian maids); boycotting tourism to philippines (go Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia). boycotting philippines farm produce (buy Thai, Malaysia, Indonesia). i am sure Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia will love to pick up the slack.
The full facts are not yet clear, but this seems to be a result of Taiwan's government allowing itself to be used as a cat's paw by China, whose bidding it is following in these island disputes. Clearly fishing vessels are being encouraged to push the limits of the territorial waters of the the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam to test their resolve in protecting their sovereignty. The people of Taiwan must be vigilant about their own government's collusion with the mainland PRC. At the end of the day it's all about economics and the Taiwan business elite are becoming gradually corrupted by the influence of China. They will eventually sell out the population of Taiwan for profit, and this is precisely China's purpose. The PRC government has obviously been been studying the ways of divide and rule of the ancient imperialist regime.
Watch out the rest of Asia.
The "ancient imperialist regime" of China was never an expansionist one. Idiot.




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