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Philippines refuses to apologise as fisherman's body returns to Taiwan

Manila refuses to apologise over fatal shootingof crew member by Philippine coastguard vessel

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 11 May, 2013, 4:38pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 12 May, 2013, 6:13am

A fishing trawler that was fired on by the Philippines' coastguard limped back to Taiwan yesterday, riddled with more than 50 bullet holes and carrying the body of a 65-year-old crew member.

However, Manila refused to apologise to Taipei, saying the incident happened when the coast-guard vessel acted in self-defence to avoid being rammed while tackling "illegal fishing".

Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou said yesterday the island would not rule out possible sanctions against Manila.

"We will seek justice for our fisherman. We will not rule out the possibility of taking any kind of sanctions [against the Philippines]," Ma said while inspecting a coastguard drill in central Taiwan. "The Philippines shot an unarmed fishing boat.

"This was a brutal and cold-blooded act," he added.

Ma reiterated Taipei's demand for Manila to apologise, apprehend the killer and offer compensation.

Some Taiwanese lawmakers urged the government to freeze the hiring of Philippine workers in protest at the shooting.

Manila admitted on Friday that its coastguard had fired on a Taiwanese trawler the previous day, but said the action took place inside its own territorial waters and that it had no idea it had killed 65-year-old Hung Shih-cheng, one of four crew members aboard.

Taiwanese investigators counted 52 bullet holes on the boat, while it was confirmed that Hung had died after being shot in the neck. The trawler came under fire from heavy machine guns, Taipei's official Central News Agency reported.

Abigail Valte, a spokeswoman for Philippine President Benigno Aquino, and coastguard chief Rear Admiral Rodolfo Isorena said in Manila that their patrol boat "was forced to fire the shots because the [Taiwanese] fishing vessel attempted to ram them".

However, this was denied by the victim's son and trawler captain, Hung Yu-chih, who said the Philippine vessel opened fire without warning.

Additional reporting by Associated Press


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The facts are quite clear.A boat 1/3 the size of the CG boat ramming it?I dont thin so.Shooting at unarmed fishermen? where is the code of conduct?Apparently, there is none.Why are they trying to board a boat in its' own EEZ?Just because it is in your own EEZ too?Is that the code of conduct they
agreed at ASEAN?I don't think so.Why direct your attention to the PRC when it is the PH that needs to explain? It is lawlessness in the high seas!
Carioca no Coracao
taiwan is so "smart" closing a solo deal with Japan on Diaoyu. now the Philippines slapped them on the face..who's your daddy now?! say it!!!
The Phillippines is the sick man of the East.The poverty in the country had numbed the brains of its people.Sanctions should be applied on trade.Refuse entry of Pinoy maids and boycott travel to this lawless country. How dare they ask for becoming PR in HK.
except you miss the fact that the philippines is now the second fastest growing economy next to china while taiwan's economy is stagnating.
Your "ECONOMY" is smaller than HONG KONG's! BTW the countries with the highest economic growth last year were: Libya, Sierra Leone, ****, ..., Afghanistan. Do you see a pattern? Undeveloped countries generally enjoy faster economic growth in the beginning. Pinoys really like showing their national pride don't they? How come you guys are so utterly incapable of acknowledging your own faults? Do you remember Rizal Park? Who was at fault there huh?
It would seem that the Philippines have a knack of getting into confrontations with the Chinese. No fish is worth taking a life, and it is somehow lost to the Filipinos.
i think the killing was not intentional. if they tried to kill the fishermen, then more would have been wounded, or the man would have been hit more times. in case the taiwan fish boat was able to ram the coast guard ship, more people would have died. i guess taiwan will never admit to fishing illegally even if found to be true
philipines will not pay or compensate...look what happen to our HK tourists gunned down unnecessary...at manila..
even if the Taiwanese crossed the so called line of dispute, was it necessary to shoot the unarmed boat....and using machine guns...
if Taiwan fails to act, then all fishermen should fly china flag.....period..enuf talk.
I wouldn't go into their country in the first place. Better places to spend your cash. At least they won't have dum ex cops demanding promotions by harassing tourists in other countries.
Carioca no Coracao
i have visited both Manila and Bangkok. BKK has way better infrastructure, better food, better historical interests (unless you are interested to see American colonialism and genocide in Philippines circa 1900s) and most importantly, way better personal safety/security.




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