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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 15 May, 2013, 10:43am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 May, 2013, 3:13pm

Video: Maserati smashed up outside Qingdao auto show in protest over 'bad service'

A Maserati parked outside a car show in Qingdao was smashed in public on Tuesday by a group of sledgehammer-wielding men - hired by the luxury vehicle's owner.

The men said the angry owner had asked them to destroy the 2.6-million-yuan (HK$3.3 million) sport-sedan in protest against “poor sales service” he received from a Qingdao dealership, where he bought the Maserati.

According to the Xinhua news agency, the owner had been charged for a new part, even though an old one had been used during car repairs. He said he had addressed the dealership over a number of quality and maintenance problems and was dissatisfied with their service.

The black four-door Quattroporte was seen parked outside the Qingdao Exhibition Centre on Tuesday morning, where the 12th Qingdao International Auto Show was being held in coastal China's Shandong province. Photos taken by bystanders showed the car's windows smashed in and its bonnet and boot dented.

The Maserati’s owner had apparently opened a special account on Sina Weibo, China’s main microblogging service, to report live updates on the high-profile incident, Beijing-based automobile industry news website Car News China reported on Tuesday.

A photo of the alleged car owner, seen dressed in a black top and holding a smartphone, was posted onto the news website. Car News China said the owner, surnamed Wang, had been in a longstanding feud with the dealership spanning more than two years.

Wang had apparently contacted journalists before the wrecking and had been inspired by a 2011 incident in the same city, where an irate car owner hired workers to smash his three million yuan, defect-ridden Lamborghini Gallardo (see video). The owner scheduled the stunt to take place on World Consumer Rights day.

The Maserati dealership, Qingdao Oury Automobile Sales & Service, could not be reached for comment on Wednesday. The Furi Group, which owns the dealership, have yet to make a statement on the incident.


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John Adams
Well....... I guess Apple will learn a few lessons from that incident !
The owner is a moron. A brand new model could be bought in the US for one third for he paid for.
I'm guessing the owner is Chinese. And lives and drives in China...a country with insanely high luxury taxes and import duties. What's the relevance of this comparison?
And in some cases, the rich in China don't mind bragging they spent twice what a car would cost in Europe or other parts of the West.
I am sure the owner is another one of those property thieves that stole land from some poor peasant
thus he does not place any value on money as he did zero to earn it
Well that taught the dealer a lesson! I bet the Parts department are rubbing their hands thinking how much it will cost him to repair.
Pretty stupid to buy a Maserati in the first place. They drop 40% in value the second one drives off the lot and their resale values plummet even more the longer you own one!
Some Chinese seem to have too much money, and poor attitudes. There are other ways to settle disputes like that. If I would take to the street and destroy all the Chinese **** that does not work, I wonder what people would say. "Stupid foreigner go home"?
Serving the rich is always demanding.
The dealership practice of using second hand parts for warranty repair is unfortunately a common practice in China. There have been many articles written about this although I am surprised that a Maserati dealer would do this as well. They risk losing licensing if they are caught.
Hahaha. He probably expected his Maserati to fly like a plane during traffic jams and sails like a boat when there's a flood....


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