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Beijing looks like a 'bully' by rejecting arbitration on South China Sea issue

Legal scholar says Beijing 'looks like a bully' for snubbing Manila's move on maritime dispute

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 25 May, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 25 May, 2013, 5:26am

Beijing's rejection of international arbitration to resolve disputes over its claim to most of the South China Sea makes it look like a "bully" in the world community, a leading US expert on Chinese law said this week.

In January, the Philippines challenged the validity of China's nine-dash line - which defines its claim to a sea area that stretches hundreds of kilometres south and east from its most southerly province, Hainan - via an arbitration tribunal under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

Professor Jerome Cohen, of the New York University school of law, said he was "disappointed" that Beijing had rejected arbitration. "The leadership obviously took the view that damage is likely to be less, especially if it can coerce the Philippines into further compromise while arbitration is going on," he said at a lecture at the University of Hong Kong on Thursday.

But China "would look more reasonable" if it had presented its arguments to the panel because it would have been seen to be honouring its obligation to comply with treaty provisions, he said.

Cohen said China's argument that its historical sovereignty of the area existed long before UNCLOS came into existence was a possibly legitimate point, but "instead of following procedures, the Chinese say it's so clearly right that our position cannot be challenged, so we don't have to bother with what we've committed ourselves to". China signed and ratified the convention soon after it came into force in 1994.

"How is it for any nation to say we're so correct that we don't have to go to the impartial tribunal we previously agreed on to hear our views validated?"

How is it for any nation to say we're so correct that we don't have to go to the impartial tribunal we previously agreed on to hear our views validated?

"This makes China look bad to the world community … Now it looks like a bully that rejects its legal obligation to settle a dispute under UNCLOS," he said.

Cohen said he would like to see other countries with claims to territory in the East and South China seas resolve their disputes through arbitration.

Vietnam and China claim the Paracel Islands and the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines, meanwhile, claim parts of the Spratlys.

Cohen said all "great powers" including the US and China "need to be reminded from time to time they are subject to international limits they sometimes don't like".

He said China's rejection of international arbitration had eroded its soft power.

"When you're seen to be a violator of international law, you don't win many votes from the world community," he said.


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Beijing doesn't just look like a bully, it is a bully and a totalitarian one. We are seeing the Sudetenland, the Danzig Corridor and "Lebensraum" all over again.
Bully really is not fair. Beijing has certain territorial claims that it thinks are solid. The Philippines disagrees. The Philippines wants Beijing to agree to a third party settlement that Beijing does not think is appropriate. While there is value in settling the borders and reducing the tension that Beijing's resurgent policy of confrontation in the region has heightened, you can't make a sovereign state agree to have someone else tell it where it sovereignty ends. It is rare that it happens but I see the legal position of the Chinese and it has merit.
China is so desperate to improve its soft power to the international community, that it is a ‘great nation’ and its continued statement of ‘peaceful rise’, but it is in their actions or non-actions that is revealing its true nature – that it is a nation that does not honour its agreements and respect the law. How can it be part of a peaceful, international community that is respected when it is acts like the big, bully in the classroom that does what it likes and takes what it likes, even if it means using force? Nobody wants to become friends with a nation that acts that way.
Jerome is right. He is a voice to be heard and respected (I know him since over 30 years when he was in Beijing). Even if China finally is "right", refusing the way they do to discuss puts them in a bad light. Inflaming nationalism does not help either. They don't want to understand their attitude is very bad PR, and they do not seem to care a bit, making it even worse.
"... a nation should follow the Rule of Law if it wants to be accepted as a member and leader of the community of civilized nations. If a nation refuses to comply with the Rule of Law, then it becomes a rogue nation, an outcast in the community of civilized nations where adherence to the Rule of Law is the norm. A nation that aspires to be a world power but refuses to follow the Rule of Law is a danger to peace and stability in our world.” - Justice Carpio
in their mind is from the year : Kingdom of Butuan
By year 1011 Rajah Sri Bata Shaja, the monarch of the Indianized Rajahnate of Butuan, a maritime-state famous for its goldworksent a trade envoy under ambassador Likan-shieh to the Chinese Imperial Court demanding equal diplomatic status with other states.The request being approved, it opened up direct commercial links with the Rajahnate of Butuan and the Chinese Empire thereby diminishing the monopoly on Chinese trade previously enjoyed by their rivals the Dynasty of Tondo and the Champa civilization. Evidence of the existence of this rajahnate is given by the Butuan Silver Paleograph.
Rejecting arbitration only shows China is afraid of its 9-dash line claim being discredited by an international body. So it resorts to a global power's fallback - bullying.
you all are the same whiny little girls that complained about america being a bully
you have not seen anything yet
enjoy the NEW bully, you will yearn for the days when america was the big boy on the block
Ulf Timmermann
"Look like", "look like" - China is hopefully not a "look a like" too.


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