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Nanjing teenager exposed as perpetrator of Temple of Luxor graffiti attack

Tourist from Nanjing carried out graffiti attack in Temple of Luxor, his parents confirm

PUBLISHED : Monday, 27 May, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 May, 2013, 8:32am

A mainland tourist who defaced a sculpture at a 3,500-year-old Egyptian temple has been identified as a teenager from Nanjing, his embarrassed parents confirmed yesterday.

He had written "Ding Jinhao was here" on the artwork some years ago during a visit to the Temple of Luxor, the parents said in an apologetic interview with Nanjing's Modern Express newspaper on Saturday.

Ding's graffiti caused an online stir this week when a microblogger posted a photo of the message, citing it as an example of shameful behaviour by mainland tourists abroad. The post attracted a torrent of replies, including suggestions that the perpetrator be tracked down.

Some disclosed personal information about Ding, including his age and school, after searching his records online.

The website of his former primary school in Nanjing was attacked yesterday. It showed the same message that Ding had left in Egypt, and visitors to the site had to click the message before they could open the homepage.

Ding's parents told the Modern Express that it was their lack of education and supervision that led to his mischief.

They said the attack happened when their son, now in middle school, was little. They were with a tourist group and did not notice when he scrawled on the sculpture, the mother said.

"We have taken him sightseeing since he was little, and we often saw such graffiti. But we didn't realise we should have told him that this is wrong," she said. The mother also implored internet users not to hound her son.

Mainlanders are today the biggest drivers of global tourism, but their sheer numbers and a perception that they can be insensitive travellers have strained their reputation.

At a conference earlier this month to implement the newly passed Tourism Law, vice premier Wang Yang said some mainland tourists behaved poorly and hurt the nation's image.

The law, to come into force in October, says that tourists should "cherish tourist resources and abide by social morality while sightseeing," although it mentions no offences or penalties.

Mainland tourists made some 82 million international visits last year, according to the China Tourism Academy.


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This incident and the response from China just shows that the population hasn't separated individuality from "the country" yet. First off, picture this happening with any other nationality - the parents and/or the kid may or may not apologise, they may or may not deny it. Their government certainly wouldn't get involved. The parents and kid would certainly NOT cry about it:
"The mother was in tears when she said they realized they had failed to educate their son and felt guilty, the newspaper reported."
---Grow a backbone lady.
---Second is how this came to light in the first place - a Chinese tourist taking the photo then saying "The saddest moment in Egypt. I'm so embarrassed that I want to hide myself. I said to the Egyptian tour guide,'I'm really sorry,'" that traveler wrote on the original weibo post.....""We want to wipe off the marking with a towel."
---Why is it a sad day when someone else messes up something? If there was a white paedophile arrested for raping children of other races, would all white people say "oh I'm so sorry, I'm so ashamed of my race"????
I don't agree with what you say, I am Canadian and each time I hear one of my fellow country men does something bad abroad I feel ashamed. I most of the time, to be honest, then look up if he is naturalized or born in Canada and if he or she is born in Canada I feel double ashamed. That's call nationality pride! I care about the image of my country and the image its citizens gives abroad.
---Thirdly is the response. Apparently Chinese folk got so angry on the internet that the HUNTED the kid down...
"The post prompted an online search which revealed Ding's identity, his date of birth and his primary school."
.---WTF is wrong with these people? They are so angry that they, like a pack of vultures, hunt down a kid's DOB and his school? All for being a rebellious kid???? Then the collectivist comments they make:
"Ding's uncivilized behavior disgraced Chinese people." THERE WERE EVEN DEATH THREATS.
"People must die if they lose face for the nation," another said.
---You bunch of idiots. You are honestly calling for a kid grafitting to DIE????
"It's a disgrace to our entire race!" said another angry micro-blogger.
---You don't speak for me, loser.
dear whiny a s s
you do realize this image will be rubbed in the face of mainlanders for eternity?
that artifact sat untouched for over 3000 years till this deranged brain damaged nose picker decided to deface it
are you his father? you sound like you are the same gene pool
Are you literally a child? Can you not respond without using personal insults?
The image will only stick if the Chinese let it. White people have the right idea - whoever causes trouble, it's their problem. Not their country, certainly not their race. It is odd that you fail to understand that.
a paid mainland stooge like you should have thicker skin
this is not ONE CHILD
this is an epidemic
You know, the sad thing is that the parents probably saw him do it but felt powerless to stop him. I was in queue boarding a flight and this spoilt fat Mainland boy about 10 kept trying to cut in front of me. I told him that he should not do it and to please learn some manners because he is representing Chinese people when he travels, in Mandarin. His mother just stood there and said nothing. After the 4th try to cut in front of me, I grabbed him by the neck and threw him back and told him sternly that this will not happen. His Mainland mother never said a word. They have no idea and there will be a millions of these monsters when they grow up, spawns of these newly enriched kleptocrats.
You should be arrested. First - he is not representing Chinese people, he is representing himself, maybe his family. Actually scrap that. He's representing no-one. HE'S JUST A CHILD.
Second - you PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED A MINOR BY THE NECK AND THREW HIM.... for what? Him pranking you with the line thing? Kids do that all the time. I was queuing up at the post office the other day, I let them have their fun. THEY'RE KIDS.
If I was the boy's parent in your scenario, I would kill you.
' if i was his parent, i would kill you'
You are an idiot & a hypocrite kieran.tsao
Sure they are kids, that doesn't mean they could behave as they like.
Of course it's over the top to "hunt the kid down" but at the same time what do you think is a proper response? If a kid killed another kid, will you still be talking about, "they're kids - let them have their fun". Somewhere parents and adults in the society have to draw the line with kids and we have to be clear about what behaviour is acceptable and what is not.
And after unacceptable behaviour we have do respond strongly enough so that the kid understands this is not be done ever again. If that then means telling him, "don't do that again" or put him in the psych-ward for 2 years, well that depends on how extreme the behaviour was. I guess this type of behaviour ranks somewhere in between.




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