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Nanjing teenager exposed as perpetrator of Temple of Luxor graffiti attack

Tourist from Nanjing carried out graffiti attack in Temple of Luxor, his parents confirm

PUBLISHED : Monday, 27 May, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 May, 2013, 8:32am

A mainland tourist who defaced a sculpture at a 3,500-year-old Egyptian temple has been identified as a teenager from Nanjing, his embarrassed parents confirmed yesterday.

He had written "Ding Jinhao was here" on the artwork some years ago during a visit to the Temple of Luxor, the parents said in an apologetic interview with Nanjing's Modern Express newspaper on Saturday.

Ding's graffiti caused an online stir this week when a microblogger posted a photo of the message, citing it as an example of shameful behaviour by mainland tourists abroad. The post attracted a torrent of replies, including suggestions that the perpetrator be tracked down.

Some disclosed personal information about Ding, including his age and school, after searching his records online.

The website of his former primary school in Nanjing was attacked yesterday. It showed the same message that Ding had left in Egypt, and visitors to the site had to click the message before they could open the homepage.

Ding's parents told the Modern Express that it was their lack of education and supervision that led to his mischief.

They said the attack happened when their son, now in middle school, was little. They were with a tourist group and did not notice when he scrawled on the sculpture, the mother said.

"We have taken him sightseeing since he was little, and we often saw such graffiti. But we didn't realise we should have told him that this is wrong," she said. The mother also implored internet users not to hound her son.

Mainlanders are today the biggest drivers of global tourism, but their sheer numbers and a perception that they can be insensitive travellers have strained their reputation.

At a conference earlier this month to implement the newly passed Tourism Law, vice premier Wang Yang said some mainland tourists behaved poorly and hurt the nation's image.

The law, to come into force in October, says that tourists should "cherish tourist resources and abide by social morality while sightseeing," although it mentions no offences or penalties.

Mainland tourists made some 82 million international visits last year, according to the China Tourism Academy.


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how much does the mainland pay to post this dribble?
How original, an opinion that opposes yours = government cronie. I've found that people who can't come up with a decent (any) response tends to say this. Time after time.
And if someone did that to your kid, are you honestly saying as a parent you would't respond in kind? Or is it only a communist thing to protect your kids...
verbal actions are meaningless, ....physical assault...lol...go get a lawyer, a kid like that ( many of whom we see in hong kong ) deserves it
You are advocating child violence. Think about that for a while.
you do realize its because child's leniency that they became such a spoiled brat? physical violence is necessary if your kid is about to go over the line. you may disagree, but think about how the society will treat your children when you're gone.
It certainly isn't the first and won't be the last act of vandalism by a tourist (of any race). Then there's is also the large scale vandalism and/or theft of ancient artifacts for profit and simply just for collection. There are a quite number of ancient artifacts (both large and small) that are displayed in museums now thousands of miles away from their place of origin.
What is news here this is probably the first tourist act of vandalism exposed through social media.
It is also a sad reflection in desperation for the tourist revenue that such venues are open with little or no regard for protection.
Holy hell! People like this have no respect to cultural heritages like this. They even write something on walls which are roughly 5000 years old here in Turkey!
Ignorant, irresponsible, and outright stupid tourists, and vandals certainly are not only from China. This has been and will be an issue whenever a nation 'begins to travel', and hordes of people that have never been outside their country descend on others. Remember Southern Spain in the Seventies? Do you admire the Buddha head "souvenir" your distinguished dinner host brags about when he comes back from Cambodia? What is needed in first place are local laws protecting cultural sites followed by rigorous enforcement. But it won't hurt if this case is making a lot of headlines!
Its a disgrace to see this defacing of ancient relics by spoilt teenagers. The parents should be chastised for not instilling in their offspring and there should be some punishment for the teenager also but what that should be is up to the authorities however my point is the interesting way the world works now.
We condemn this teenager, rightly so, and come up with all types of punishment ideas for him however lets look at our response to government sanctioned destruction of ancient relics say in Iraq where the US and its allies have destroyed the heritage of that nation permanently and not a single peep of discontent on these boards?
Sham on his parents!!




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