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Dalian may disband Bo Xilai's mounted policewomen unit

PUBLISHED : Monday, 27 May, 2013, 1:06pm
UPDATED : Monday, 27 May, 2013, 2:51pm

Dalian is considering abolishing its mounted policewomen unit, a pet project of former mayor Bo Xilai, in what can be seen as a move to further distance the city further from the disgraced bureaucrat.

Debate over the fate of the municipal all-women mounted police force arose after a former Dalian police officer said running the near two-decade-old force was a “waste of taxpayers' money”, the China Youth Daily reported on Sunday.

Zhao Ming, the retired police officer, said keeping the unit was akin to squandering resources from other services already in dire need. He added the mounted unit was “unpractical” because of the high costs to care for the horses. The jobs could be done on bicycles or motorcycles, he said.

Posting on the Dalian municipal government website, Zhao urged the police to release the unit’s financial records to the public, a request that was accepted on Sunday.

“Because this problem affects public security organs and the people’s livelihoods, the problem cannot be dragged on anymore,” Zhao said. “If this keeps going, how much of taxpayers' money are we wasting?”

Zhao further criticised the unit for being nothing but an “artificial tourist attraction” and not servicing the real needs of public security.

The female-only regiment is involved in standard traffic policing, urban management and crowd control at major events. They can sometimes be seen patrolling popular tourist areas in ceremonial garb - blue jacket, black helmet - armed with their elaborate sabres.

The mounted police unit, modelled after Canada’s iconic Royal Canadian Mounted Police, was formed in December 1994 and spearheaded by then-mayor Bo, in what was an attempt to spice up the city’s image with more pomp.

Bo went on to become governor of Liaoning, commerce minister and later, Chongqing’s party chief, but he was sacked from his position in the Communist Party last fall after being implicated in one the biggest political scandals in the country’s history.

Since his downfall, local and municipal governments across the country have been subtley severing all ties to Bo and his legacy.


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I think it looks cool to have a mounted police force. Like the Mounties it makes a city look good. Going all female makes it even better.
I think Bo Xilai's original memo to the PSB was to have a personal female police unit for his mounting discretion...not a horseback mounted unit.

I can’t understand why wearing a tie when riding on horse back. Tie wearing in service sector began in the early 90s in the US. When dressing down became fashionable, the waiter and waitress in restaurants went the opposite way in dressing up in immaculately laundered and ironed white shirt with a tie. Sure they looked smart and the customers looked in perpetual leisure like tourists. I don’t know when wearing tie became part of uniform for the 1.7 (as known to the Dalian locals for the physical height in meter of the woman horse police). A decade ago I think the woman horse police looked really smart but without a tie. Can you imagine the Canadian Mounties do the same wearing a tie when on duty? I can’t even accept police in New York City abandoned their blue shirt for the sinister looking black shirt. Well the 1.7 on the horse back will disappear; the black force seems not only will remain in NYC but almost every State in America and everywhere where there is a police. Here I still remember the shorts our Hong Kong police worn. They looked smart and intelligent. A police once told me when asked that shorts made them vulnerable in summer to mosquito bites. So I don’t insist that shorts are best.


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