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Yulin's dog meat festival deaf to critics

Yulin residents look forward to their traditional solstice feast while animal activists cry foul

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 16 June, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 16 June, 2013, 6:51am

A controversial "dog meat festival" will go ahead next Friday in Yulin, Guangxi, despite an online outcry by animal rights activists.

The annual festival involving savouring the delights of dog meat hotpot, lychees and strong liquor on the Summer Solstice is a cherished tradition among Yulin locals. Thousands of diners are expected to crowd food streets and enjoy the feast. Animal protection activists estimate more than 10,000 dogs are killed during the festival.

"Those who don't have time to go to the food streets usually cook dog meat and eat lychees at home," a resident said.

Activists fear demand encourages the abduction of strays or pets. But officials say the consumed canines are raised by local dog farms.

Efforts to block the festival - including open letters to the Yulin government, recruitment of celebrities to condemn the practice and even petitioning to the US White House - have angered some Yulin locals.

A Yulin resident, who identified herself as Annie, said she would defend the festival as it was part of Yulin's tradition.

"It's unfair to call Yulin people brutal only because we have this tradition to eat dog meat. People who call us uncivilised and cruel should stop eating meat first," said Annie.

Yulin officials did not answer calls for comment yesterday.

Du Yufeng, who works for a Sichuan-based animal protection organisation, said she saw slaughtered dogs on sale in several wet markets in Yulin yesterday. "The massive dog killing is going to start very soon, as it usually take several days for the dog meat dealers to prepare for the one-day festival," she said.

In an earlier response to her organisation's open letter to cancel the festival, Yulin authorities promised they would tighten sanitation inspections and crack down on dog slaughtering in public during this year's festival.

There are no animal welfare laws on the mainland but selling dog meat requires official sanitation certificates.

Du, however, questioned the effectiveness of such inspections, suspecting that officials informed market managers in advance of their rounds.

Officials in Zhejiang province cancelled a similar dog meat festival in 2011 following an online campaign.


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dont worry. they are slowly poisoning themselves to death with their toxic food and pollution. no need for us to get involved.
you forgot "no muppets like likingming"
Just because a certain culture has a soft spot for an animal species, makes it inhumane for another culture to enjoy their traditional delicacy? FYI, I don't eat dog, never had, and never will. But, I don't see any problem with the people of Yulin enjoying their traditional delicacy of dog meat, as long as the dogs are raised in farms as food like cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, etc. Please stop imposing your culture on us. Thanks.
Bullfighting in Spain was/is also a tradition, does not make it less barbaric anyhow. Any tradition that is barbaric must be stopped, I don't CARE if the peoples feelings get hurt. Deal with it.
While I agree that animal cruelty in factory farming in the west is horrific, it is generally expected that an animal will be killed with as little pain and fear as possible. Still not good enough I know, but this is in stark contrast to the dog/cat meat trade in Asia, where MUCH pain and fear is desired, to produce what is considered to be the best meat. Do some research, most of these dogs are literally TORTURED to death, and normally in front of each ther. Get familiar with Soi Dog Foundation, which is fighting the trade. I will never compare a dog, which has the record of service and loyalty to humans that it does, to a cow, pig or chicken. All deserving of compassion, but dogs are more than livestock.
Guangxi is one of the poorest provinces in China. These are just uneducated simpletons. China is a very backward place.
There are many animals mistreated...many battles...this is one of them so don't justify not doing anything about this one by stating other cases of animal cruelty. This is one of many but also one that extremely cruel and needs to be stopped no matter the culture or history. Education is part of evolution as well as change. This needs to stop NOW!!!!!!!
You people are the lowest of the low you are pure evil thats why this planet is the way it is..you give decent humans who care you people should not be allowed to live.the planet needs to be rid of such evil.i hope you all die in agony for what you do to cats and dogs and other species i curse you all!!!!!
Nuke them all rid the world of low life scum!!!
Do you for one moment believe that the dogs are raised humanely and pass on humanely?
Its not about imposing anothers culture - its about standards of basic human decency and compassion.



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