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Edward Snowden

Beijing wants Hong Kong to handle Snowden on its own, party newspapers suggest

Commentary suggests Hong Kong should follow public opinion on Snowden

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 June, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 June, 2013, 10:49am

In a commentary in response to the Snowden case, the People's Daily said yesterday that Chinese were always unwilling to get involved in other people's "mess".

The Communist Party mouthpiece also rejected suggestions by some US politicians that cybersecurity whistle-blower Edward Snowden could be a spy for China, calling it a groundless accusation that had added "a cloud to the clear sky of the Sino-US relationship".

Another party newspaper, the Global Times, said in a commentary yesterday that Hong Kong should follow public opinion in handling the case, not worry about Sino-US relations and "be more spontaneous".

Professor Liu Jianming, a communication studies specialist at Tsinghua University, said both articles suggested that Beijing did not want to get further involved in the case.

"China is taking its usual position of not intervening in other countries' affairs, but it cannot ignore verbal attacks that have twisted the truth," he said.

The People's Daily said "the Prism scandal was America's trouble in the first place", but some US politicians were trying to "create a new link between China and the scandal with their own imagination" by hinting that Snowden was a Chinese spy.

It said such a link was "nonsense" and Beijing should ask the "big mouths" to shut up. "Pouring dirty water on China shows how American politicians are embarrassed and anxious," it said.

The Global Times asked the Hong Kong government to "interact with public opinion directly" in making its choice when an extradition request was made by the United States.

"Dealing with the Snowden case properly may be strategically meaningful for Hong Kong's future" it said, because it might broaden connotations of "political liberty".

Jin Canrong , a US affairs expert from Renmin University, said both commentaries implied a basic principle of the central government - not letting the scandal affect overall Sino-US relations.

He said the Global Times, represented more of the people's views in its commentary. Professor Shi Yinhong , an international relations specialist at Renmin University, said he believed "the central government will not intervene until it's absolutely necessary".



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hard times !
Now our SAR adminstration is handed the highly-difficult task to handle the Snowden Gate Incident (which is never just a ruhkus as Obama descirbed,trying to downplay the whole affair which has shocked the whole world except the Taliban,Iran,Mainland China,N.Korea,Cuba and Russia which have long been hacked into their computers by the NSA---what Snowden revealed were no news to them indeed) by itself---Chinese government does not intend to intervene but through the quasi-official Global Times (owned by the People's Daily), it told the Leung administration to react according to Hongkongers' wishes---which mostly wish no extradiction of Snowden even there is a formal request from the U.S.government but instead helping him to go to his chosen country:Iceland as soon as possible and in a highly safe way ! We should never betray our benefactor who put his trust and life upon us and telling us how we had been hacked secretly !
I think Central Govt has made a good decision or move. After all HK is much experienced and knowledge on such international affairs and cases than Beijing also HK has equal right to decide this matter independently or with Beijing..
hard times !
save Snowden is equal to save freedom.Why ? This American who today turns 30 here in Hong Kong is a young man with conscience.He just can't tolerate the violation of privacy committed by the National Security Agency which cyber-surveillance program:The Prism started in 2007 hacked into computers of civilians all over the world.And after Obama became President in 2008, the NSA (in 2009) started to hack into Hong Kong Chinese Univ.'s H.K.Internet Exchange which handles 90 % of all our web passages and is the hub of local servers.Thus basically all the over 4 million local netizens' computers can be hacked into through the breakthrough of the Exchange.Besides,the NSA also hacked into local public officials (including our lawmakers and those NPC members and CPPCC members and..),businessmen (the big shots and those pro-China ones which are in tens of thousands) and students (probably those in our univ.s' undergrad. and post-grad.programmes and those exchange students from Mainland and local student leaders such as Wong Tze-fung and others.)No wonder this time both pro-establishment and pan-democrat lawmakers unite to condemn the nasty acts of the NSA.This Old Hong Kong, is also furious upon learning more and more about the state-class hacking secrets disclosed by Snowden and local Chinese magazines such as the East Weekly and the Asiaweek Weekly published today (which has lots of details concerning the cyber-spying activities and I have known a new term:I-spy too.
hard times !
Now it is leant that both the miliatary and intelligence departments of China prefer a heavy-handed policty towards the Snowden Gate Incident while the dipolmatic field chooses a mild attitude (using Snowden as a negotiation chess piece to exchange anything vital with the US).Now our SAR administration is indirectly instructed to treat the case at her own will and her nature---according to the international law and common law---yet up till now we haven't heard of any extradition request of so-called traitor, Snowden from the Obama administration (maybe it has been done secretly or with another measure----attempting to kidnap him from the territory where his whereabout might be traced by the super-computer used by the NSA before and during Snowden's webchat with his supporters all over the world through The Guardian's website. Yet no Seal shock troops are allowed to storm the 'safe lodge'---hiding place of Snowden in Hong Kong which is a part of China and not Pakistan !


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