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Nanjing mother arrested after her two children die of starvation

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 25 June, 2013, 5:56pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 25 June, 2013, 6:09pm

Nanjing police have detained a 22-year-old woman on suspicion of murder following a report that she left her two young daughters at home and allowed them to starve to death, Hua Shang Daily reported. The case has angered and shocked many people in China. The two girls were aged only one and three.

The woman, surnamed Le, was arrested after police on Friday found the two toddlers’ decomposing bodies in a suburban community home in the Jiangning district. The Daily reported that the children had starved to death.

Community neighbourhood committee director Chen Jinbao said Le had been raising the children on her own. Her live-in boyfriend, Li Wenbin, who is the father of the younger girl, was jailed in February for drug offences.

Another ex-boyfriend of Le is the father of the older daughter, Chen told the newspaper.

Neighbours said Le worked in a nightclub and often did not return home for days. She frequently borrowed food and nappies from neighbours.

Local resident Shi Chunxiang said that when police officers visited Le’s home, about two months ago, they had to pick the lock of the door. Inside, they found the younger child in a terrible state. Shi said she suspected the toddler was so hungry it had tried eating its own excrement.

Shi also said Le often did not change her daughters’ nappies for days. “I once saw the skin on one of her daughters’ body festering because her nappies had not been changed for sometime,” Shi told the newspaper.

According to Chen, the community gave Le’s 800 yuan a month to help her raise the children after Li went to jail. Local police also visited the family every week or 10 days.

Reports of the case have sparked considerable anger online. While many internet users criticised Le’s treatment of her children, they also said her neighbours had been too apathetic and there had been inadequate social care in the community.

Many online users also said Le should be punished. They urged the government to issue stricter guidelines to stop parents abandoning their children at home.



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Horrific story. I couldn't even read parts of it. My wife was the first to read about it and was in tears for hours.
This is the second negligence story I've heard about out of China in a week. The last one was the workers that caught the baby that fell out of the fifth floor window when her parents left her at home alone. The thing is, those parents weren't charged or punished in any way. China has a very serious problem with law enforcement of any kind. Laws of just about every kind are ignored by the people and police alike. I would suggest that China drafts up stronger child protection laws, but I doubt it would ever really be enforced. I guess if it saved just one life, it would be worth it. Above all else, China needs to start enforcing laws and become a more responsible nation.
I'm not saying all Chinese parents are like this, or even the majority. Most parents are good providers for their children. The problem is, there's no protection for children who have negligent parents. It has to change if they want this to stop.


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