Shandong hit-and-run driver discovers victim is his own father

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 04 July, 2013, 4:31pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 04 July, 2013, 5:35pm

No one probably regrets their actions more than a Shandong hit-and-run driver, who was overwhelmed when he found out that the victim he had abandoned at the scene of a traffic accident was his own father.

The driver, identified by his surname, Li, was arrested on a hit-and-run charge over the traffic accident but was released by police so he could go home to take care of his injured father, according to Shandong’s Qilu Evening News.

Early on Sunday morning, Li was driving a Chinese-made Dongfeng minivan in Weifang city when he collided with a scooter, knocking the driver to the ground, the report said.

Without stopping to check the injured driver’s condition, Li fled from the scene and took his minivan to get fixed at an vehicle repair shop.

Police later located Li’s vehicle after they found it matched with the wreckage fragments at the accident scene, and brought him in for questioning.

To their surprise the police found that the seriously injured man was Li’s father, leaving the guilty driver deeply distressed.

Li implored police officers not to tell his father the truth, fearing the consequences for their father-son relationship, the report quoted him as saying.

Police in the report added that Li was still held resonponsible for causing the traffic accident and for his hit-and-run.