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Naked girl begging on Nanjing streets is sent home after public outrage

PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 July, 2013, 10:20am
UPDATED : Friday, 12 July, 2013, 4:45am

A four-year-old girl found begging naked and smoking cigarettes in Nanjing has been returned to her hometown, police said, after outrage online prompted authorities to action.

Disturbing photos of the girl kneeling and begging for money on the streets of the Jiangsu provincial capital have shocked the nation in the last two days. Photos of the child and her father begging were shared tens of thousands of times online.

On Wednesday, police said they had found the girl and her father, Zhou Chonggao, and sent them to their home village Chenlong in Sihong county, some 200 kilometres north of Nanjing.

An initial report by the local daily Modern Express criticised the 46-year-old single father for being callously lazy, letting a child - whom it first identified as six years old - beg so he didn't need to work. Later reports dismissed the father as mentally disabled.  

After their return to Chenlong, a village official told the Southern Metropolis Daily that authorities could not provide a subsistence allowance to the child because she lacked a local hukou registration, which the officials had promised to process by the weekend.

The case comes only weeks after two children, one and three years old, were found dead in a Nanjing flat. They had died of starvation, after their drug-addicted mother had abandoned them, media reported.

Both cases have led to a debate about whether laws to protect children's rights are sufficient. Niu Xuexing, deputy director of the Jiangsu civil affairs department, suggested in an interview with the Modern Express that current laws were too vague.

"Our child protection laws are toothless and weak," he said. "In foreign countries, these physical and mental abuses of children by parents would lead to legal measures or deprivation of custody."


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It is time the Chinese themselves start paying attention to the poor and disabled among themselves. Too often we foreigners are alone in trying to help through the charities we are involved in. Some Chinese even criticize us "why we do this, not our business, they are poor, it is their problem". Hard to swallow. If Chinese want to be so nationalistic, let them care more about their own people. Good to see some Chinese react. What is the government doing? Nothing, with lame excuses (hukou, etc.). Still so much to do.
In a poor country where connected individuals have ammased mroe than USD 10 billion, I think theyhave money for charity....they just are to focused on the next ten billion.
Two students for every University place is dire hardship? Your writer must come from a dreamland ad good Universities should have 10 to 12 applicants for each place before we start even talking about competitive selection.
That used to be the situation and that is why the quality of the graduates was so good in the old colonial days. Nothing to do with colonial standards but just about setting the bar for the kind of products yo9u need and want.
The intake for one of the medical schools, for example, makes me laugh - no wonder we keep having these stupid mistakes.
Sticks Evans
Thank you posting this. I am sick an tired of so many articles about adults bickering about their selfish agendas. Children seem to be out of vogue these days in the news.
Is there a charity set up for this poor unfortunate child?


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