Beijing woman miraculously survives 'suicide attempt' after train hits brakes too late

PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 July, 2013, 11:40am
UPDATED : Friday, 05 July, 2013, 12:57pm

A Beijing woman jumped in front of a subway train in an apparent suicide attempt on Thursday, and miraculously survived after the train passed over her before stopping, said a media report based on several witnesses. 

The woman leaped from the platform to the tracks at Guomao Station only "two to three metres" in front of the train, said a witness identified only as Li, reported the Beijing Times. Moments later, after three train carriages had passed her empty spot and stopped, she was seen crawling back onto the platform as onlookers watched. 

In a video recorded by Li on his mobile phone, the woman appeared unhurt. As she emerged from between two carriages, two subway staff members rushed to the scene, shouting: "“Stay still! Beware of electrical shock.” 

But the woman pulled herself up to the platform and was heard repeatedly yelling: "Impossible. It's impossible", the video showed. She was later taken away by police despite showing resistance.

Beijing subway staff said the incident caused only minor disruption and delayed a few trains. 

Beijing Subway spokesman Jia Peng said the company would install barriers and doors on the platform at the first opportunity to prevent similar incidents.