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Couple fined after assaulting police at Hong Kong airport over flight delay

PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 July, 2013, 11:25am
UPDATED : Monday, 08 July, 2013, 7:37pm

A couple from Jiangsu who took out their anger over a long flight delay at Hong Kong International Airport last Friday on Cathay Pacific ground crew and a police officer pleaded guilty to assault on Monday.

In Tsuen Wan Magistrate’s Court on Monday, Xu Jun, 35, who was charged with criminal damage and common assault and his wife, Wan Yejun, 34, who was charged with assaulting a police officer, pleaded guilty and were fined HK$2,000 dollars and HK$2,500 dollars respectively.

Xu and Wan were supposed to board flight CX364 to Shanghai at 5.35pm on Friday, but the flight was repeatedly delayed due to air traffic control problems in Shanghai, according to Chinese media.

At about 9pm, Xu – after becoming increasingly impatient with the delay – approached Cathay counter staff at the gate, flung a computer keyboard to the ground and poured a soft drink on two Cathay employees who were trying to calm him, police said on Monday.

Once the police arrived, Xu was arrested, but his wife became belligerent and injured a police officer after striking the officer on the back, police said.

Cathay Pacific later told the Southern Metropolis Daily that the flight finally took off at 9am on Saturday after a 16 hour delay.




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Just tell the judge you assaulted police officer in your capacity as an angry tourist. You should be okay then.
HK$2,000 dollars and HK$2,500 dollars respectively /// great
different law according to the person's region
if they were not belong to.......then must be behind bars even for years and racist sar police can put the terrorist charges also but now every one must scare to do so
they put fine is with no option as SCMP bring it up and make public
I think I just saw the backside of the Hong Kong legal system mooning me while they were bowing deep towards the mainland. Just assaulting the airline staff should have resulted in stiffer fines, not to mention assaulting a police officer. But heck, I'll keep a copy if this piece of news in my wallet from now on, and the next time I want to went some anger at a police officer, I will pull it out and demand similar lenient sentencing.
An expired meter parking ticket in New York City is US$115 (approx. HK$886). The HK$2,000 and HK$2,500 fines for assaulting police officer and airline staffers were inconsequential in comparison to the medical bill they would have paid after discharging from the hospital en route to prison in the event the mainland travelers chose to pull the same stunt in the US.
Next time I get a ticket and I disagree with the officer, I'll just punch him. 4500 is very cheap. I am thankful to these mainlanders for enlightening me on what I can get away with.
Seriously, what's the thinking process of the judge?!!! Giving stiff sentences to tourists who assault officers is bad for the economy? It's an insult to our police force.
HK really needs to assess its penalty on assaults. SCMP ran an article on a waitress in Wanchai assaulted by a drunken US sailor a few months ago and was fined HK$1,000. Now there are these two characters fined for HK$4,500. The lack of enforcement and light penalties only encourage bad behaviors. Also, for mainland travelers who violated laws outside of the PRC should be issued an one-year travel ban.
A friend familiar with this case told me the sailor only hugged the waitress, he did not assault her, but she over-reacted to the unwanted attention.
The couple probably not expecting such a long delay in HK vs...what could be a norm in the mainland. Minds got twisted and went berserk...
A CATAHY flight from HONG KONG to SHANGHAI is delayed by S I X T E E N H O U R S '"due to air traffic control in Shanghai" - its the BS that is given to passengers by the airlines that is so infuriating and not the actual delay! Agree - throwing the tantrum after only four hours is a bit early.
China gives ATC priority to its military flights and civilian flights are always at the bottom of the queue for slot times. The only one talking BS here is clearly you.



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