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Couple fined after assaulting police at Hong Kong airport over flight delay

PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 July, 2013, 11:25am
UPDATED : Monday, 08 July, 2013, 7:37pm

A couple from Jiangsu who took out their anger over a long flight delay at Hong Kong International Airport last Friday on Cathay Pacific ground crew and a police officer pleaded guilty to assault on Monday.

In Tsuen Wan Magistrate’s Court on Monday, Xu Jun, 35, who was charged with criminal damage and common assault and his wife, Wan Yejun, 34, who was charged with assaulting a police officer, pleaded guilty and were fined HK$2,000 dollars and HK$2,500 dollars respectively.

Xu and Wan were supposed to board flight CX364 to Shanghai at 5.35pm on Friday, but the flight was repeatedly delayed due to air traffic control problems in Shanghai, according to Chinese media.

At about 9pm, Xu – after becoming increasingly impatient with the delay – approached Cathay counter staff at the gate, flung a computer keyboard to the ground and poured a soft drink on two Cathay employees who were trying to calm him, police said on Monday.

Once the police arrived, Xu was arrested, but his wife became belligerent and injured a police officer after striking the officer on the back, police said.

Cathay Pacific later told the Southern Metropolis Daily that the flight finally took off at 9am on Saturday after a 16 hour delay.



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3.5 hours delay and you start assaulting airline staff? Don't even contemplate travelling to the US during blizzard season, you might end up strangling ground personnel at Newark.
Try it in Newark and you end up with cement shoes in the Meadowlands.
well, this is the only way to get any attention..... in China of course.
I hope one day, businesses will realize that they do need more and tougher 'measures' to protect their staff and other customers from these unruly and boorish Chinese. It was 'soft drinks' this time and next time it might well be boiling hot tea and a punch in the staffer's head.
Hate to say it but had this happened in the West, that couple would have gotten a beatdown and then hogtied! They calculated a Chinese airline in a Chinese airport with Chinese security would not have done much to them.
Sounds more like the USA. Shuffling a police officer would have earned her an immediate bullet into the head in the US
Why don't they ask their own countries air traffic control or the PLA airforce??
The thought process of the man must had been interesting:
“I’m so angry my flight is delayed! It must be the fault of these airport staffs! I can see the plane right there and it looks fine. These idiots are keeping me from boarding to laugh at me. I’ll just threaten them to let them know I mean business. Maybe then, they’ll respect me and treat me seriously.”
His wife’s thought process must had been equally intriguing:
“My husband was just doing the right thing by throwing a tantrum by destroying airport equipment and throwing drinks at people. I can’t believe the police would get involved! But no worries. I’m going to liberate my husband by pushing this police officer off of him. Then we’ll make a mad dash to the gate and finally board our plane to get home.”
ha ha! Maybe they have the same thought process as checking into mainland hotels, I abuse the reception staff and they will upgrade me and get me a room asap!
That'll show them who's the customer with $$$! Respect me! Don't you see the labels of the expensive clothes I were? I don't cut them off for a reason. Don't be blind!
Should have let only them board...and keep them there sealed until the next morning...




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