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Biden calls for more trust between US and China

US vice-president also calls on Beijing to stop ‘outright theft’ through hacking as he opens annual strategic and economic dialogue

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 11 July, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 11 July, 2013, 11:13am

US Vice-President Joe Biden called on the US and China to build greater trust, but also urged Beijing to stop "outright theft" through hacking as he opened two days of annual talks between leaders of the world's two largest economies.

The annual strategic and economic dialogue is the first real chance for the new cast of diplomats and economic chiefs on both sides to discuss a wide range of issues, including trade frictions, as well as the building of a "new model" of relationships between major powers, as advocated by President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart, Barack Obama.

"Our relationship is and will continue to be a mix of competition and co-operation," Biden said in his opening remarks.

The start of the high-level dialogue followed two days of talks among officials on both sides about cybersecurity, which has been complicated by former National Security Agency contract worker Edward Snowden's revelations of electronic surveillance by the US, which also targeted Chinese networks.

There was no information from either side on whether Snowden's revelations were discussed, but Biden said Chinese theft of US intellectual property must stop.

"We both will benefit from an open, secure, reliable internet. Outright theft that we are experiencing must be viewed as out of bounds and needs to stop," he said.

Vice-Premier Wang Yang said the main aim of the dialogue was to turn the consensus reached by the presidents of the two nations into pragmatic results and to "inject concrete substance to the building of a new type of major country relationship between the two nations".

Also addressing the opening ceremony, State Councillor Yang Jiechi said China would discuss cybersecurity co-operation with the US, but added that both nations should look for ways to effectively manage their differences to set the path for the "new type of relationship".

Building such a relationship required an "innovative mindset and positive actions", he said.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said the high-level dialogue was a platform for the two sides to find ways to co-operate effectively. He said both nations recognised the complexity of their ties, and the urgency for them to find common ground for honest, wide-ranging conversation.

Kerry would return to Boston to visit his wife, who is recovering in hospital from a seizure-like episode she suffered over the weekend, Associated Press reported. US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns would take Kerry's place as co-host of the meeting with US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, its report said.



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Oh no, not again... Even after Snowden, Uncle Sam is crying wolf when everyone knows who the real wolf is. Biden does have a skin that is a mile thick and a brain as big as that of a house mouse. This person makes me want to throw up! By the way, NSA agents, please note my remarks on SCMP.com but guess what - I am not planning to visit your country any time soon. Your country is polluted by these retarded and mean-spirited politicians.
Yeah, the American's are being cry babies again even after the Snowden incident............when will they learn to not be so "thick-skinned" and shut up..........I bet the Chinese are now sitting back and just laughing at these stupid Americans and their crybaby accusations..............For the NSA guys who are monitoring our e-mails - here's a middle finger for your efforts and no matter what you guys keep monitoring, the USA is only going to go downhill for generations to come............
"It is now revealed that the USA government has also been scanning and storing all our confidential letters sent by ordinary post. These letters include our love letters or worse still business letters containing private offers of any particular business deals. They also include all discussions sent by ordinary mails of negotiations between legal firms in a litigation court case. In short the USA government has free access to every ongoing business negotiation communicated by both ordinary post as well as electronic mail."
The above may sound shocking, but with the NSA Act in force we can never be sure that it has not already been done.
There is no more privacy in our life anymore.
Sigh, sigh.
biden: stop stealing from us!!!
xi: tell your boyz @ NSA stop snooping on us!!!
yawn yawn...


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