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Chengguan are an urban management force installed in almost every city on mainland China. They mostly clamp down on illegal street vendors but also enforce rules on city sanitation, landscaping and parking. Chengguan officers have been increasingly criticised after some of them used bullying tactics that have resulted in injuries and sometimes death.


Chengguan blamed for beating another vendor

PUBLISHED : Monday, 22 July, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 22 July, 2013, 4:43am

The public outcry against the army of chengguan, or urban management officers with a reputation for thuggery, has grown after a hawker was seriously injured in a northeastern province a day after another man was beaten to death in a southern city for illegal peddling.

In the latest incident, four or five chengguan allegedly bashed a hawker over the head with their walkie-talkies and even bricks - then refused to take him to hospital even though his head was covered in blood, People's Daily reported.

The assault allegedly took place on Thursday night in the Daiwai district of Harbin , the capital of Heilongjiang province.

On Wednesday, Deng Zhengjia, 56, was beaten to death by chengguan in Linwu county, Hunan province, for selling watermelons without a licence.

Both events sparked an outcry online.

Wu Wei, the vendor assaulted in Harbin, said he was attacked as he was about to pack up.

"Suddenly someone knocked my head," he said. "I ran away but then returned to try to retrieve my goods, when one of them began knocking my head with his walkie-talkie. There were four to five of them, [and they] hit me with bricks."

An onlooker said Wu was bleeding profusely and she asked the officers to send the man to hospital. "They didn't pay any attention to me," she was quoted as saying.

Local authorities told the paper that the officers involved in the attack, all part-time workers, had been suspended as the city investigated the incident.


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Although he did not have a licence and broke a law, the beaten-to-death person was just trying to make a living by selling water melons in the market place, The incident shows a dark side of power being misused; these people who were chosen and supposed to be carrying out the law and order in society have become lawless in their given role. Its inhuman, its heartless, and its daylight murder!!!!!!!
How can the government hire thugs to keep the street in order? It is nonsense unless the government is the biggest thug itself. Living in the world 2nd largest economy can be treated like an animal. Can it be more miserable than this?
The way the Chengguans behave is like the way the communist party behaves; one extorts small money the other extorts big money. If you don't pay, you get beaten into submission. What's the difference?
Unfortunately, like the police, the cheng guan are also subcontracting or using "auxiliary officers" as a cheaper alternative to having to hire regular, trained officers. These guys usually barely have a high school education, possibly are even criminals themselves, and get minimal pay with probably more minimal benefits. If unsupervised, they truly are a group of thugs with leeway to cause mayhem and will be the root of social DISharmony. Something the CCP constantly is trying to avoid.
"Can it be more miserable than this?"
Yes it can. If you are black and walk through the streets of America in the night, you get shot to death.
I don't think those are government workers doing the shooting


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