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Beijing man kills two-year-old girl following dispute over parking

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 25 July, 2013, 10:40am
UPDATED : Friday, 26 July, 2013, 3:02pm

Months after a Jilin man kidnapped and killed a two-month-old baby, China is yet again shocked by a brutual attack on a two-year-old girl in Beijing

A 41-year-old man, identified by police as an ex-convict surnamed Han, was seen snatching the baby from her stroller and dropping it on the pavement after arguing with her mother on Tuesday evening in a parking dispute on a street in Beijing’s Daxing district, Beijing Times reported on Thursday.

Han had been sitting in the front passenger seat of a white sedan driven by a male companion. They intended to park the car near a bus stop where the woman had stopped to check on her daughter, said the report. Han gestured for her to move, but the woman refused. Enraged, Han got out of his car and physically attacked the woman, said a witness and nearby business owner, surnamed Zhou.

“He then took the baby from its stroller and smashed it to the ground with great force,” Zhou said.

A man, who had been driving the car Han had been seen in, then got out and attacked the woman, Zhou added.

The two men returned to their car and drove away. The mother, traumatised by the attack, wept and then carried the baby to a nearby hospital, which referred her to another hospital to treat the child's severe injuries.

Some newspapers said the baby died in an ambulance while travelling to the second hospital.

The suspect was arrested 18 hours later in a suburban spa club. He had been released earlier this year after serving a jail term for theft, according to Beijing police.

The news of the savage attack triggered tens of thousands of angry comments online on Thursday. 

“This man should get the death sentence for this,” many wrote.

“What’s wrong with our country? Where's humanity?” others asked.

Despite earlier media reports that the baby girl was confirmed dead, Beijing News reported on Thursday that it was still alive and being treated in an intensive care unit in a hospital in Beijing on Thursday afternoon. 

Tiantan Hospital, where the baby was sent to, could not be reached for a comment.


Tiantan hospital confirmed that the baby girl died on Thursday evening, reported Chinese media on Friday.



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unfortunately there are tens of millions like Han in China today.. we r still counting the costs of cultural revolution.. this is sadly one of them!
Unbelievable. Some humans are just monsters.
If some don't like the China stories in SCMP, let them read other newspapers. The success of SCMP is its coverage. As for the story, sad to say road rage in Beijing is getting worse. Makes me scared at times, riding my bike. Too many bad people out there and too many people who think they own the road. "“This man should get the death sentence for this,” many wrote. “What’s wrong with our country? Where's humanity?” others asked." Oh so true and sad.
The point is that this story, when I commented, was NOT under the China > Crime section, but was on the online equivalent of the front page. I have no problem with reading domestic Chinese stories in the SCMP and it has a dedicated section for them, but my view is that a HK newspaper website should concentrate on HK stories on its front page unless the non-HK stories are either internationally important or have a HK-angle: a violent road-rage incident is neither. It's an opinion, that's all - no need to feel sick or get all sardonic!
i'm paying SCMP to go to some commonly accessible China news source to copy and paste their stories over.
This is a terrible story, and I hope he is severely punished.
But what is this story doing on the front page of the SCMP? Is it a Hong Kong newspaper or is it a domestic Chinese newspaper these days? If I want to know about crime in Beijing I don't need to subscribe to the SCMP.
I am so sick of ppl who have no sense of info-tech and keep crying like a spoilt brat on scmp.
Before you cry look up and understand this is not a newspaper, the online version is different.
and this news is under the China > Crime section, am sure your lost now.... pls. dont fool yourself. ;)


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